Force Multiplier: State Parties in AZ, NC and WI

November, 2023. I attended a very inspiring presentation through Force Multiplier (FM). FM is a very respected group that excels in identifying valuable candidates and groups where your donations can really make a difference. This presentation was entitled “Turning Out the Base: Effective State Parties at Work.” Speakers: Ben Wikler of WisDems, Anderson Clayton ofContinue reading “Force Multiplier: State Parties in AZ, NC and WI”

Swing Blue Alliance 2023 Postcard Recap

Tuesday, November 28, 7-8:00 PM by zoom. TurnPurple2Blue participated in many of these campaigns! SBA is notable for their deep dives into the effectiveness of their campaigns – looking forward to this one! For an “off off” year, 2023 was pretty jam packed! SBA postcard hosts participated in 8 critical campaigns – four VA legislativeContinue reading “Swing Blue Alliance 2023 Postcard Recap”

Judge Janet WINS by 11 points.

Thank you for writing for four campaigns!  We had two for the primary, and two for the general, drawing from Activate America and Swing Blue Alliance (an Indivisible group). (YOU) wrote a total of 11,813 cards! Our group, stretching from Sudbury to Westford, alone wrote 6,000 out of Swing Blue Alliance’s 50,000 cards. IfContinue reading “Judge Janet WINS by 11 points.”

Donate-Indivisible for Wisconsin

The upcoming Wisconsin Supreme Court election has been described as “the most important election in America in 2023,” and the race that will “likely have a larger effect on the 2024 presidential race than any other contest” this year. In the coming years, the Wisconsin Supreme Court will determine the fate of abortion rights in the stateContinue reading “Donate-Indivisible for Wisconsin”

Citizen Action Wisconsin

From Eau Claire to Milwaukee, Citizen Action brings people together across racial differences to make Wisconsin a better place to live and work. Citizen Action employs an integrated strategy of grassroots organizing, educational programming, earned media, civic engagement, and political lobbying to advance progressive solutions and shape the public and political debate around health care,Continue reading “Citizen Action Wisconsin”

Working America

Update: 6/8/23 I attended Focus for Democracy’s analysis of the 2022 Midterms. They were the main support of Working America, and funded them thoroughly in our key states. They did an in-depth statistical analysis to measure the efficacy of Working America’s voter outreach. The partisan programs yeilded votes for a much lower cost (than traditionalContinue reading “Working America”