Now for 2023: 30 Steps to Save Democracy

Today: A Focus on  David Pepper’s Step 12: When in Power, Create Laboratories of Democracy Last year, Indivisibles were so impressed and inspired with David Pepper’s book “laboratories of Autocracy.” It illustrated perfectly the stakes of the 2022 midterms -even before Dobbs reared its ugly head.  We worked diligently last year, especially in the swingContinue reading “Now for 2023: 30 Steps to Save Democracy”

Save Money and Defend Democracy

Support post-election voter empowerment with tax-deductible donations. Looking for a year-end tax deduction for your political giving? Are you confused about which donations are both meaningful and tax-deductible? Here are the rules plus some of our recommendations. Tax status information about organizations can be found on their websites.  Rules:  Where to Donate: As a startingContinue reading “Save Money and Defend Democracy”

Grassroots Champions Don’t Have Off Years

Grassroots groups are still working, even now that the midterm election is over. These dedicated organizers work on the ground and don’t have off years. They build trust and serve their communities every day. Arizona: Northeast Arizona Native Dems Matriarch volunteers utilize all relational organizing tools and strategies customized for their Native communities. Volunteers receiveContinue reading “Grassroots Champions Don’t Have Off Years”

Nevada – Enigmatic Battleground State

Nevada, long a blue state and now purple, is pivotal for the midterms but difficult to call.  Elections are uniquely challenging to forecast in Nevada, since the electorate is highly transient – half of all voters are new to the state since 2016 – and the largest bloc in the state is unaffiliated voters. Latinos,Continue reading “Nevada – Enigmatic Battleground State”

Arizona Elections as a Total Abortion Ban Takes Effect

Update: 10/8/22 AZ Court blocks enforcement of total abortion ban. Let’s check in on Arizona after working hard for them all year. Senate:  Democrat Mark Kelly seems to be pulling ahead of radical MAGA Blake Masters.  Republicans have pulled $9.6 million dollars of ads from the state.  There will be a debate Oct 6, andContinue reading “Arizona Elections as a Total Abortion Ban Takes Effect”

Georgia – The fight for Fair Elections and Voting Rights

Georgia’s story is one of a deep-red Southern state that has recently turned purple, transforming it into a fierce battleground. Before 2020, Georgia was staunchly Republican. Georgia had elected only one Democrat, Bill Clinton, in the past 30 years, and he won by only 0.6% of the vote. But things began to turn around inContinue reading “Georgia – The fight for Fair Elections and Voting Rights”

It’s a BFD: The Inflation Reduction Act

August 18, 2022 by Christine Brown The anger resulting from SCOTUS’s destruction of women’s rights has woken the electorate and the tide is turning in our favor.  But it sure is nice to have something positive to run on as well!  Although it’s not everything in Build Back Better, it is crucial legislation that showsContinue reading “It’s a BFD: The Inflation Reduction Act”

Anti-Democratic Forces in Michigan

By Christine Brown, July 31, 2022 Update: 8/24/22: Good news that that the ringleaders of Governor Whitmer’s kidnapping attempt were convicted in Federal Court today. Update: 8/3/22 Rep. Peter Meijer, one of 10 Republicans that voted to impeach Trump, lost his primary to Trump endorsed challenger John Gibbs. Democrat Hillary Scholten will pursue this HouseContinue reading “Anti-Democratic Forces in Michigan”