Common Start Lobby Day

Wednesday, March 22 Common Start Lobby Day, in room 511 B at the Statehouse 10-11 AM Legislative briefing (we are welcome) 11 AM- 1 PM Lobby Day The bills are: SD.667 (sponsored by Senators Lewis & Moran) and HD.2794 (sponsored by Representatives Madaro & Gordon). The two bills are slightly different but are both entitled An Act Providing Affordable andContinue reading “Common Start Lobby Day”

Yes in My Backyard

Tell your legislators to support more homes! Ask your State Legislators to support housing affordability & Co-Sponsor H.3252/S.2006 this session! We need your state representative and senator to co-sponsor and support key legislation and we’ve launched this letter-writing campaign to help you do just that – we invite you to sign and share. (HB. 3252/SD2006)Continue reading “Yes in My Backyard”

Call or Write: No New Prisons

The Legislature passed No Cost Calls (SD.1441 / HD.822) and the Prison Moratorium (SD.661 / HD.799) last session, however they decided not to override Baker’s veto. It’s a disgrace, because the moratorium would have stopped our hard earned tax dollars from funding and filling unneeded prisons. A $50 million new prison will just beg toContinue reading “Call or Write: No New Prisons”

Write to Support Common Start

The Common Start Coalition is a statewide partnership of organizations, providers, parents, early educators and advocates working together to make high-quality early education and child care affordable and accessible to all Massachusetts families. Our goal is to ensure that all families have the care solutions they need and that all children in our Commonwealth haveContinue reading “Write to Support Common Start”

Understanding and Overcoming the Rural Urban Divide

Saturday, March 4, 10:00 AM -12:30 PM Biden won 91 of the nation’s 100 largest counties in 2020, but hardly anywhere else. Although he won the most raw votes of any candidate in the nation’s history, he won the fewest counties of any presidential winner. The path to defeating extreme MAGA runs through rural America.Continue reading “Understanding and Overcoming the Rural Urban Divide”

Conversations That Break Through- Talk politics with people who do not care or do not agree

Does directly engaging people to talk politics make you anxious? Learn to understand and break through to people who may disagree or not care. Get the skills to build up the muscles to keep your cool and have effective conversations. This session and accompanying workbook will give you the practice you need so you canContinue reading “Conversations That Break Through- Talk politics with people who do not care or do not agree”

Help End Period Poverty

Write your State Senators and Representatives to add their names as a co-sponsor to SD1171 / HD.1783: An Act to increase access to disposable menstrual products. No one should have to choose between food, a roof over their head, theireducation, and access to menstrual products. Yet every day inMassachusetts, menstruators are forced to make exactly thatContinue reading “Help End Period Poverty”

Advance Indigenous Legislation

Email Your State Legislators. The 2023-2024 MA Indigenous Legislative Agenda includes 5 priorities: Remove Racist Mascots, Honor Indigenous People’s Day, Celebrate and Teach Native American Cultures & History, Protect Native American Heritage, and Support the Education and Futures of Native Youth. Please urge your state legislators to co-sponsor these five important bills today!