Holiday Table Positives: Climate Edition

Holiday celebrations are approaching, and with them comes opportunities for conversations.  From Uber drivers to that relative, you may have a chance to talk about Biden’s accomplishments or other good news that the media ignores.  Remember, most people do not pay for a newspaper or even watch the news – whatever the reason, they justContinue reading “Holiday Table Positives: Climate Edition”

Support GenZ Climate Activists

Indivisible Acton Area and IndivisibleLAB were excited to co-host our April 2023 Take Action Forum where we met GenZ climate activists.  Sara Karp and Eben Bein gave a great presentation on Our Climate, which is part of the Massachusetts Youth Climate Coalition (MYCC).  Sara Karp (she/her) is a Massachusetts Fellow who is currently a sophomoreContinue reading “Support GenZ Climate Activists”