Get Energized to Forge a Coup-proof Victory!

Updated 6/12/22: Christine and Barbara attended a strategy session by Focus 4 Democracy. We were pleased that this group has also endorsed the States Project! These seats, which are helped with relatively small amounts of money, are crucial to protecting civil rights and election integrity. Importantly, The States Project gives more than money to candidatesContinue reading “Get Energized to Forge a Coup-proof Victory!”

Give No Ground

Update: June 12, 2022 Yes, Give No Ground is still going strong! Here’s the latest Politico article. Indivisible has been busy supporting local groups fight GOP extremism. Our donations strategically support our sister chapters to defend important seats. Plus Indivisible is organizing phone banks! Update: January 19, 2022: Sen. Mark Kelly- AZ has been addedContinue reading “Give No Ground”

Postcards- Other Actions

Looking for Postcards but don’t live near a pick up location TP2B offers? Here are some other ways to get postcards! (Choices added 5/6/22) Activate America Pro-Choice Postcards to Voters: Support Senator Cortez Masto in Nevada Our first two Pro Choice postcard campaigns are in Nevada to support the re-election of Senator Catherine Cortez Masto,Continue reading “Postcards- Other Actions”

Unexpected Heroes: Secretaries of State & State Supreme Courts

by Barbara Head, Feb. 17, 2022. With federal voting rights legislation stalled, all eyes are turning to the states. In a previous Letter From the Editors, we talked about the critical roles of Democratic governors as firewalls for our democracy. Through their veto powers, Democratic governors fight against radical GOP legislatures and their attempts toContinue reading “Unexpected Heroes: Secretaries of State & State Supreme Courts”

Contest Every Race

We recruit Democrats to run for office where it matters! For too long, Republicans have been the only ones competing in local races. In states like Oklahoma, Democrats don’t run in up to 75% of local elections! Contest Every Race is working to end GOP dominance in rural America by making sure that no RepublicanContinue reading “Contest Every Race”

Democratic Governors Association

In the 2022 midterms, the stakes could not be higher for many gubernatorial races. As the Republicans continue to take over states through the legislatures, the only firewalls are Democratic Governors. In 2021, more than 440 bills restricting voter access were introduced across the country. What blocked these bills from passing? Democratic governors and theirContinue reading “Democratic Governors Association”