Donate to Raphael Warnock

It’s all-hands-on-deck for Warnock’s Dec. 6 runoff election. Having 51 senate seats would mean Dems don’t have to share equal power with the GOP on committees, Dems could make confirmations with a simple majority, and could enjoy the added bonus of being less dependent on Manchin and Sinema. We need this seat!

Phone to Get Out the Vote for Dec 6

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays. It’s GOTV time—again! Georgia’s Senate race is going to a runoff and Runoff Election Day is December 6th. That’s not a lot of time for us to call Georgians to make sure they know there’s a runoff and how to cast their vote in this crucial election.  Join Fair Fight forContinue reading “Phone to Get Out the Vote for Dec 6”

Working Families Party

It could all come down to Georgia again. Just like in 2021, control of the U.S. Senate could hinge on whether we can turn out our voters in a runoff election here in the Peach State. Last time around, Working Families Party organizers and volunteers ramped up after Election Day 2020 to help reach almost twoContinue reading “Working Families Party”

Anti-Democratic Forces in Michigan

By Christine Brown, July 31, 2022 Update: 8/24/22: Good news that that the ringleaders of Governor Whitmer’s kidnapping attempt were convicted in Federal Court today. Update: 8/3/22 Rep. Peter Meijer, one of 10 Republicans that voted to impeach Trump, lost his primary to Trump endorsed challenger John Gibbs. Democrat Hillary Scholten will pursue this HouseContinue reading “Anti-Democratic Forces in Michigan”

Autocracy in Massachusetts

David Pepper’s new book Laboratories of Autocracy examines the crisis of the Anti-democratic (small d) condition of Statehouses across our nation, using Ohio’s experience as a test case. But we’re safe here in Massachusetts, right? Unfortunately, we are not immune.  First, there are the obvious anti-democratic forces.  PAC money is flowing into our state toContinue reading “Autocracy in Massachusetts”

Planned Parenthood New Hampshire Action Fund

The Planned Parenthood New Hampshire Action Fund engages in educational and electoral activity, including legislative advocacy, voter education, and grassroots organizing. PPNHAF works to pass and defeat legislation, elect public officials, and influence the political climate in New Hampshire to protect and expand access to reproductive health care. Your donations make their work possible.