Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA)

Update 2/21/22: LUCHA’s current fundraising initiative is super cool! Working in communities to connect people with services, foster relationships, and earn trust are important steps in developing our voter base. This exemplifies why grassroots groups are so important. ACE & LUCHA are providing FREE assistance to help individuals complete their DACA renewal packets. However, thereContinue reading “Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA)”

NE Arizona Native Dems

In Arizona, everything will come down to turnout and how much support Democratic candidates receive from Native and rural Democratic voters. The new #FamilyVotes program is aimed at recruiting, training, and supporting matriarchs as they register their families and communities to vote. This program is an extension of year round community organizing efforts and aContinue reading “NE Arizona Native Dems”


Rural Arizona Action (RAZA) seeks to create more equitable and just systems through advocacy, accountability and leadership training in rural Arizona communities. RAZA was founded as a response to the lack of resources and year-round civic engagement opportunities available in rural Arizona. RAZA and Rural Arizona Engage, their affiliated 501(c)3 organization, educate, advocate and coordinate inContinue reading “RAZA”

Get Energized to Forge a Coup-proof Victory!

Updated 4/27/23 Use the current states buttons to see successes of the 2022 election and any current elections. Updated 10/26/22: Here’s a sample of the State’s Project successes: With 20 active Giving Circles started by (Robert Hubbell’s) Today’s Edition readers, this community has raised over $300,000 with their networks. We’d like to say thank youContinue reading “Get Energized to Forge a Coup-proof Victory!”

Working America

Update: 6/8/23 I attended Focus for Democracy’s analysis of the 2022 Midterms. They were the main support of Working America, and funded them thoroughly in our key states. They did an in-depth statistical analysis to measure the efficacy of Working America’s voter outreach. The partisan programs yeilded votes for a much lower cost (than traditionalContinue reading “Working America”