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State of the Month: PA

Electing Josh Shapiro is crucial to keeping radical Republicans from overturning election results in this important swing state. Electing John Fetterman is one of our best shots at gaining a US senate seat in 2022.

Letters from the Editors

There is 4 months until the midterm election. Can we win it? What can we do?

Sisters United Alliance of TX

The IMC Feminist Action TeamThe Indivisible Mass Coalition Coordinating Board hosted the most compelling presentation I have seen for awhile. And I have seen many…

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Spotlight Action!

Meet John Fetterman for US Senate

Wednesday, July 27, 7:00-8:00pm ET, Zoom. Meet John Fetterman, candidate for US Senator from Pennsylvania, and help expand the Democratic majority. This open seat in Pennsylvania gives us one of our best opportunities to pick up a senate seat in 2022. Fetterman is known for…

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DONATE TO THESE NATIONAL GUN SAFETY ORGANIZATIONS: Why donate to these organizations? Because THEY ARE OUR ANSWER TO THE NRA!! They are fighting for us and against gun violence. These three national organizations are the major opposition to gun lobbies. Their actions include: gun safety…

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Donate to Josh Shapiro for PA Governor

Throughout his career as a public servant, Josh Shapiro has taken on the status quo, brought people together to solve tough problems, and delivered results for the people of Pennsylvania. Since 2017, he has served as the People’s Attorney General, working every day to stand…

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