Mission Statement

Recognizing that our democracy is still in peril, Indivisible Acton Area is dedicated to maintaining and strengthening the democratic majorities in the US Senate and House.  An integral part of this is working for Governors, Secretaries of State, and state legislatures to protect voting rights and election results.  A side benefit is that civil rights are protected too!

Indivisible Acton Area has created the elections website https://turnpurple2blue.org to communicate strategies and information about elections in key battleground states.

www.TurnPurple2Blue.org will be a source to find volunteer actions to help win these elections.  The Editors will search for actions that are impactful and strategically timed.

The website will be a curated source of important information, vetted strategies and valuable actions.  We will wade through the news, emails, forms and more so you don’t have to!

If you have something you would like to see promoted on the website, please email indivisible.acton.ma@gmail.com with the subject line TP2B.

This is a project of the heart- no income is derived from any links and no volunteer information is collected or sold by TurnPurple2Blue. Your information may be retained by the organizer of the actions that you choose.