Priority Bills 2023 – 2024

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Common Name# (link)SponsorsEndorsing OrganizationNotes (link to 1-pagers and other resources)In CommitteeStatusUpcoming Lobby DaysActionsSocial MediaArticles and VideosJames ArcieroSimon CataldoMichelle CiccoloSean GarballeyCarmine GentileKen GordonKate HoganMargaret ScarsdaleDanillo SenaThomas StanleyMichael BarrettJohn CroninJames EldridgeCindy FriedmanRobyn KennedyPolicy Area
Votes ACCESS Act (Includes H.688, H.707, H.656, H.701)S.410CreemElection Modernization Coalition,
Improve election systems to increase equitable access to the ballot. Establish same-day registration, ensure polling place access for people with disabilities, simplify the mechanics of mail-in voting, and prevent unwarranted removal of voters from the rolls.Joint Committee on Election LawsxxxxxDemocracy - Voting
Same Day Voter RegistrationH.688GentileElection Modernization Coalition,
Progressive Democrats of MA
Same day registration of votersJoint Committee on Election LawsxxxxDemocracy - Voting
An Act decoupling the municipal census from voter registrationH.707MoranElection Modernization CoalitionJoint Committee on Election LawsxxDemocracy - Voting
An Act providing uniform mail voting formsH.656ArriagaElection Modernization CoalitionJoint Committee on Election LawsxxDemocracy - Voting
An Act enforcing accessibility for voters with disabilitiesH.701KhanElection Modernization Coalition,
Ensure compliance with federal and state disability access laws by requiring inspection of all polling places every four years.Joint Committee on Election LawsxxDemocracy - Voting
Voting Rights RestorationH.724 / H.26 / S.428 / S.8Uyterhoeven, MirandaProgressive Mass,
Election Modernization Coalition

Ensures that incarceration no longer leads to a loss of voting rights at any stage
Joint Committee on Election LawsWrite to your legislator for PM legislative agenda ** 2023-05-09 CommonWealth Magazine Article xDemocracy - Voting
Local Option for Ranked Choice VotingH.711 / S.433Pignatelli, RauschProgressive Democrats of MAEnables cities and towns in Massachusetts to adopt ranked choice voting for municipal electionsJoint Committee on Election LawsHearing held on 6/21/23xxxxxxxxDemocracy - Voting
Voting Access for College and University StudentsH.723 Uyterhoeven Joint Committee on Election LawsDemocracy - Voting
An Act clarifying the role of governor’s councillor on the ballotH.665 / S.406Cataldo, BarrettJoint Committee on Election LawsxxxxxxxxxxDemocracy - Voting
An Act to provide sunlight to state governmentS.1963Eldridge,Progressive Mass,
Act On Mass,
Massachusetts Youth Climate Coalition,
Common Cause Massachusetts
Promotes transparency in state government by removing the Governor's exemption
from public records law and requiring committee votes and legislative testimony (with appropriate redactions) to be public. Committee hearings scheduled at least 1 week in advance.
Joint Committee on RulesxDemocracy - Transparency
An Act making records in the office of the Governor publicS.1967Brady, ACLU MA,
Common Cause Massachusetts
Make the governor’s office subject to the public records law.Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight Write to your legislator for PM legislative agenda Democracy - Transparency
An Act extending the public records law to the Governor and the LegislatureS.2064RauschMake the governor's office and legislature subject to the public records law.Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight Hearing on 2023-07-26xDemocracy - Transparency
An Act Relative To The Open Meeting LawH.3121UyterhoevenAct On MassOpen Meeting Law (OML) is a policy already in place for the vast majority of governing bodies in the state. This bill would extend that democratic privilege to constituents wishing to monitor legislative proceedings of the State HouseJoint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight Hearing on 2023-07-26Democracy - Transparency
Modern Open Meeting Access for AllH.3040 / S.2024Garlick, LewisACLU MA,
Progressive Mass,
Common Cause Massachusetts
Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight**Tell your open meeting story **Write to your legislator for PM legislative agenda xxxxxxxxDemocracy - Transparency
An Act to Promote Racially Inclusive Curriculum in SchoolsH.542 / S.288Nguyen, Ultrino, GomezCoalition for Anti-Racism & Equity in EducationHere is a CARE Bill One Pager and Bill Summary by Section.Joint Committee on EducationWrite to your legislator xxxxxEducation
Thrive ActH.495 / S.246Montano, Hawkins, Miranda, Gomez, ComerfordProgressive Mass,
Massachusetts Teachers Association
The bill would end receivership, which has never worked to improve schools, though it has worked to privatize public education funding and decision-making. Instead, the bill would create a system of actual support and accountability for real improvement, and keep the funds and decision-making public. Fact SheetJoint Committee on Education**Support the Thrive Act
**Write to your legislator for PM legislative agenda
2023-02-02 Statements from BTU xxxxxxxxEducation
Cherish ActH.1260 /S.816Garballey, Duffy, ComerfordProgressive Mass,
Massachusetts Teachers Association
Creates a framework for adequate funding levels for public higher education, including increased student support and better pay and benefits for faculty and staff; implements a debt-free college plan; and creates a plan for green and healthy buildings on campus. Fact SheetJoint Committee on Higher EducationWrite to your legislator for PM legislative agenda xxxxxxxxxxxEducation
An Act for an Equitable Work Force (Vocational Education)H.440 / S.257Cabral, CroninProgressive Democrats of MAWould require use of lottery for vocational school admissionsJoint Committee on Education2023-02-02Commonwealth Magazine,
2023-02-03Commonwealth Magazine
Universal Child Care (Common Start)H.489 / S.301Gordon, Madaro, Lewis, MoranCommon Start Coalition,
Progressive Mass,
Reproductive Equity Now,
Progressive Democrats of MA
Establishes a universal system of affordable, high-quality early education and child care for all Massachusetts families, over a 5-year timeline Fact Sheet Bill Overview FAQJoint Committee on Education**Common Start - Ask your legislator to co-sponsor ** Reproductive Equity Now letter xxxxxxxxxxxxxxEducation
Interdiciplinary Climate Justice EducationH.496HawkinsMassachusetts Youth Climate CoalitionCreates a committee to design and integrate climate justice standards. This bill will implement elementary and secondary interdisciplinary climate justice education in the Commonwealth.Joint Committee on EducationxEducation, Climate
Medicare for allH.1239 / S.744Garlick, Sabadosa, EldridgeMass-Care,
Progressive Democrats of MA,
Progressive Mass
Establishes a single payer system, in which the state provides health care to all residents as a right. Slide Show Video More InfoJoint Committee on Health Care Financing **Ask your legislator to co-sponsor **Organizational Sign-on Letter **Medicare for all 101 3/22/23 - RecordingxxxxxHealth Care
An Act Relative to End of Life OptionsH.2246 / S.1225O'Day, Philips, L'ItalienCompassion & ChoicesA terminally ill, mentally capable adult with a prognosis of six months or less to live the option to request, obtain and ingest medication — should they choose — to die peacefully in their sleep if their suffering becomes unbearable. Joint Committee on Public HealthxxxxxxxxxxxxHealth Care
An Act Relative to Medicaid Coverage for Doula ServicesH.1240 / S.782Sabadosa, MirandaReproductive Equity Now,
Mandate MassHealth coverage of doula care which improves birth, breastfeeding, and maternal health outcomes and is an essential tool for the Commonwealth to address racial inequities for birthing people.Joint Committee on Health Care Financing ** Reproductive Equity Now letter xxxxxWomen/Health
An Act Ensuring Access to Full Spectrum Pregnancy CareH.1137 / S.646Sabadosa, Balser, FriedmanReproductive Equity Now,
Cost should never be a barrier to accessing prenatal or abortion care but all too often, it is. Because high-deductible plans are common, many people face steep deductibles when trying to access full spectrum pregnancy care. We are trying to change that by passing a law that would require health insurance plans to cover all pregnancy care, including abortion care, prenatal care, childbirth, and postpartum care, without any kind of cost-sharing. Fact SheetJoint Committee on Financial ServicesHearing was held on 5/2/23** Reproductive Equity Now letter Hampshire Gazette 2023-02-20 xxxxxxxxxWomen/Health
An Act Relative to Birthing Justice in the CommonwealthS.1415MirandaReproductive Equity Now,
This bill introduces a framework to improve maternal health outcomes and advance recommendations from the Special Commission on Racial Inequities in Maternal Health.Joint Committee on Public HealthHearing was held on 6/6/23** Reproductive Equity Now letter xxxxxxWomen/Health
Enhancing Access to Abortion CareH.1599 / S.1114Kerans, RauschACLU MA
Indivisible Mass Coalition
Expand equitable access to abortion care in several ways including improving youth access, expanding access to abortion later in pregnancy, prohibiting targeted restrictions of abortion and abortion providers, and ensuring safe access to diagnostic care.Joint Committee on the JudiciaryxxxxWomen/Health
Safe Communities ActH.2288 / S.1510Balser, Cruz, EldridgeMIRA,
Progressive Mass,
League of Women Voters,
Limits local and state police collaboration with federal immigration agents, bars law enforcement and court personnel from inquiring about immigration status, and ensures due process protections. Fact SheetJoint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security** Letters to legislators to cosponsor ** Ask Governor Healey to publicly urge its passage xxxxxxxImmigration
Language Access and InclusionH.3084 / S.1990Madaro, gonzalez, DiDomenicoMIRA,
Progressive Mass,
Mass Speaks Coalition
Builds the capacity of key public-facing state agencies to meet the language access needs
of an increasingly diverse population by standardizing and enforcing language access
protocols and practices. Report: Families Torn Apart Fact Sheet
Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory OversightxxxxxxxxImmigration
Healthy Youth ActH.544 / S.268O'Day, Howard, DiDomenicoProgressive MassRequires school districts that already provide sex education to ensure that it is comprehensive, age-appropriate, and LGBTQ+ inclusive, with an emphasis on informed consent to prevent sexual violence. Fact SheetJoint Committee on Education** Information and Actions xxxxxxxxxxRacial and Social Justice, Education
I AM BillH.534 / S.1381Livingstone, Barber, JehlenMass NOW,
MA Menstrual Equity Coalition
This bill would provide access to free menstrual products to all menstruating individuals in prisons, homeless shelters and public schools from 6th-12thgrade. The bill also contains language to ensure the products are truly accessible without stigmatizing the individual seeking them. Fact SheetJoint Committee on Public HealthHearing was held on 6/6/23xxxxxxxxxRacial and Social Justice
Lift Kids Out of Deep PovertyH.144 / S.75Decker, DiDomenicoLift Our KidsThe bills set a floor for financial assistance at 50% of the federal poverty level -- $915 a month for a family of three. The bills increase financial assistance by 20% a year until grants reach 50% of the federal poverty level. Lift Our KidsJoint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with DisabilitiesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRacial and Social Justice
HOMES Act (Eviction Sealing)H.1690 / S.956Moran, EdwardsProgressive Mass,
Abundant Housing MA,
Public Health Institute of Western MA
Protects tenants from being unfairly branded with an eviction record if they don’t have a judgment against them, if they weren’t actually evicted, or if they didn’t do anything wrong. More information.Joint Committee on the JudiciaryHearing was held on 5/9/23xxxxxxxxRacial and Social Justice
Access to Counsel and Housing StabilityH.1731 / S.864Rogers, DiDomenicoPublic Health Institute of Western MA,
86% of landlords are represented in court, but only 11.5% of tenants are, according to FY2022
Trial Court data. Tenants facing eviction are overwhelmingly poor, female, and people of color. This bill will establish an Access to Counsel program to provide legal representation to low-income tenants and low-income owner-occupants in eviction proceedings.
More Information.
Joint Committee on HousingHearing was held on 5/9/23xxxxxRacial and Social Justice
An Act to create access to justice H.1677 / S.953Meschino, DiDomenicoMass Power ForwardThis legislation creates — under state law — critical civil rights protections that were previously available under federal law. Specifically, it would eliminate the burden of proving that governmental programs or activities that have a disparate impact were motivated by discriminatory intent. Joint Committee on the JudiciaryxxxxRacial and Social Justice
Protecting Equity for Homewoners Facing ForeclosureH.2937 Roy, VitoloThe bill would make tax foreclosures more like mortgage foreclosures, so homeowners could keep their remaining equity after the foreclosure sale. It also would help make sure homeowners are informed about foreclosure proceedings before they happen.Joint Committee on Revenue**‘2023-01-31Home equity theft’ — in New Bedford and across Massachusetts
** 2023-06-02 Boston Globe Editorial
xxxxxRacial and Social Justice
Debts & Driving ActH.3314 / S.2227Fluker-Oakley, CyrACLU MAEliminate license suspension for reasons related to debt and poverty, rather than safety. Promote on-time payment of money owed to the RMV and allow indigency waivers when appropriate. Remove economic roadblocks and help get people back to work, to school, and to medical appointments.Joint Committee on TransportationxxxxRacial and Social Justice
Stop Aversive TherapyH.180 GregoireMassachusetts Advocates Standing Strong (MASS)This bill bans Graduated Electronic Decelerators (GED) that shock students with disabilities for punishment.Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities**Sign the Petition xRacial and Social Justice
An Act establishing a transportation network driver bill of rightsH.1099 / S.666Moran, LewisInternational Association of Machinists,
This bill seeks to ensure that workers for Uber, Lyft and other for-hire ride services can access a guaranteed minimum wage, paid sick time, unemployment insurance, discrimination protection and collective bargaining rights.Joint Committee on Financial ServicesWBUR 2023.01.23xxWorker Rights
Fairness for Agricultural WorkersH.2812 / S.1837Gonzalez, GomezACLU MAEstablish basic labor law protections for agricultural workers in the commonwealth, including minimum wage parity, overtime pay, and a day of rest.Joint Committee on RevenueWorker Rights
Living WageH.1925 / S.1200Nguyen, Donahue, LewisProgressive Mass,
Progressive Democrats of MA
Raises the minimum wage to $20 per hour over four years and indexes it to inflation to better align the minimum wage with a living wage. (We won a $15 minimum wage, but that has already been eroded due to inflation, and too many people are forced to work multiple jobs to make ends meet.) MIT - Massachusetts Living Wage Calculator Joint Committee on Labor and workforce DevelopmentxxxxxWorker Rights
One Fair WageH.1872 / S.1188Farley-Bouvier, Oakley, JehlenSURJ,
Massachusetts Jobs with Justice
Eliminates the subminimum wage for tipped workers. Subminimum wages are hurting workers even more during the pandemic, they open the door to sexual harassment on the job and economic precarity. Fact SheetJoint Committee on Labor and workforce DevelopmentxxWorker Rights
Right to Strike for Certain Public EmployeesH.1845 / S.1217Connolly, Uyterhoeven, RauschMassachusetts Teachers AssociationThis bill allows educators and other public employees, except for public safety personnel, to legally strike after six months of failed negotiations with their employer. Fact Sheet Joint Committee on Labor and workforce DevelopmentxxxxWorker Rights
Remove Racist MascotsH.477 / S.245Oakley, ComerfordMA Indigenous Legislative AgendaThis bill would prohibit the use of Native American mascots in Massachusetts public schools. About 25-30 schools in the Commonwealth currently use such mascots. Native mascots negatively impact mental and emotional health of Native students & reinforce racism in non-Native students. Fact SheetJoint Committee on EducationWrite to Legislators - Support Indigenous AgendaxxxxIndigenous Legislative Agenda
Honor Indigenous People’s DayH.2989 / S.1976Barber, ComerfordMA Indigenous Legislative Agenda
Italian Americans for Indigenous People's Day
This bill replaces Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day in the Massachusetts General Laws. Indigenous People’s Day celebrates Native resilience & survival. More Info.Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory OversightWrite to Legislators - Support Indigenous AgendaxxxIndigenous Legislative Agenda
Celebrate and Teach Native American Culture & HistoryH.529 / S.344Lewis, RauschMA Indigenous Legislative AgendaCreates educational standards for all MA students on indigenous history, sovereignty, etc. More Info.Joint Committee on EducationWrite to Legislators - Support Indigenous AgendaxxxIndigenous Legislative Agenda
Protect Native American HeritageH.3248 / S.2186Rogers, Biele, CollinsMA Indigenous Legislative AgendaPrevents selling objects stolen from Native peoples and held in private collections from being sold for profit. More Info.Joint Committee on Tourism, Arts and Cultural DevelopmentWrite to Legislators - Support Indigenous AgendaxxxxIndigenous Legislative Agenda
Support the Education and Futures of Native YouthH.536 / S.318Montano, MirandaMA Indigenous Legislative AgendaCreate a permanent commission for improving educational opportunities and outcomes for indigenous students. More Info.Joint Committee on EducationWrite to Legislators - Support Indigenous AgendaxxxIndigenous Legislative Agenda, Education
An Act to reduce mass incarcerationH.1821 / S.1045Worrell, MirandaEmancipation Initiative,
Eliminate life without parole sentences for adults and provide parole eligibility after 25 years; Limit sentence lengths further for juveniles. Fact SheetJoint Committee on the JudiciaryCriminal Justice
Raising the AgeH.1710 / S.942O'Day, Cruz, CrightonProgressive Mass,
Raises the age of criminal majority to 21, allowing youth to have better access to treatment
and educational services and thereby reducing recidivism.
Joint Committee on the JudiciaryCriminal Justice
Full Decriminalization of Sex WorkH.1757 SabadosaDecriminalize Sex Work,
Black and Pink Massachusetts
Sex work related charges are often women and TGNC folks’ path to prison and jail bunks. Models that criminalize the purchase of sex do not protect sex workers and make it impossible to screen johns. Criminalizing the purchase of sex in other countries has led to sex workers losing their homes, children, etc. ACLU Brief on decriminalizing sex workJoint Committee on the Judiciary** 2022-07-04 CommonWealth Criminal Justice
Stop Profiling Transgender and Low Income WomenH.1683 / S.945 Montano, CyrJoint Committee on the Judiciary** 2022-07-04 CommonWealth Criminal Justice
Reduce Incarceration for Technical Violations of ParoleS.1540 / S.1534Miranda, JehlenACLU MAEliminate automatic reincarceration for technical violations of parole conditions that do not warrant a new arrest.Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland SecurityCriminal Justice
Rehabilitation including guaranteed health, treatment, and safety for incarcerated LGBTQI+ PeopleH.2357 / S.1499Lewis, Montano, CyrBlack and Pink MassachusettsWritten in consultation with LGBTQ+ and HIV+ members of Black and Pink MA. Screen people being matched to share cells for homo/transphobia. Celebrate Pride month + access to LGBTQ media. Reduce use of solitary confinement. Eliminate punishment for hugs and handshakes. Collect data on LGBTQ+ folks and HIV+ folks in order to meet needs. Fact SheetJoint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland SecurityPrison Reform
No Cost CallsH.1796 / S.1494Tyler, CreemProgressive Mass,
Prevents prisons and jails from charging individuals who are incarcerated for phone calls to loved ones. Fact SheetJoint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security**Toolkit for Action **Email your legislators **2023-06 Email the conference committee xxxxxxxPrison Reform
Curbing Solitary ConfinementS.1511EldridgeExpands the rights of those in solitary confinement, including requiring treatment for those with serious mental illness and monthly reviews for eligibility to return to the general population. PLS Fact Sheet.Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland SecurityxxPrison Reform
Jail and Prison Construction MoratoriumH.1795 / S.1979Tyler, ComerfordSURJ,
Families for Justice as Healing,
The national Council,
Progressive Mass,
Black and Pink Massachusetts
Black and brown communities are always on the defensive against prison/jail construction. Implements an emergency law to put a 5 year ban on any construction. Fact SheetJoint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory OversightHearing on 2023-06-27 **Pass the Jail/Prison Moratorium call script **xxxxxxxPrison Reform
An Act to promote Yes in My Back Yard - Zoning ReformH.1379 / S.858Vargas, Honan, CrightonAbundant Housing Massachusetts,
Progressive Mass
Housing production goal, multi-family around public transit, legalize accessory dwelling units, etc.Joint Committee on HousingHearing on 2023-07-26 xxxxHousing
Healthy Homes ProgramH.1307 / S.881Cruz, Arriaga, KeenanPublic Health Institute of Western MACreate the Massachusetts Healthy Homes Program (MHHP) Fund, to scale up the
Commonwealth’s efforts to address serious health problems caused by substandard housing
Joint Committee on HousingxxHousing
Affordable Housing & Climate Resilience (HERO)H.2894 / S.1799Montano, EldridgeProgressive Mass,
The Housing and Environment Revenue Opportunities (HERO) Coalition,
Progressive Democrats of MA
Increases the deeds excise tax on home sales to provide a funding stream for the Global Warming Solutions Fund, the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, and the Housing Preservation and Stabilization Fund. More Info.Joint Committee on RevenuexxxxxHousing
Real Estate Transfer FeeH.2747 / S.1771Connolly, ComerfordLOHA Coalition,
Progressive Mass
Enables cities and towns to assess a fee of 0.5-2% on residential and commercial real estate transactions, with the funds allocated to affordable housing trust funds. More Info.Joint Committee on Revenue** 2023-06-06 LOHA Briefing + Day of Action xxxxxHousing
Increasing the Corporate Tax RateH.2856 / S.1788Keefe, DiDomenicoProgressive Mass,
Raise Up Massachusetts
Restores the tax on corporate profits to 9.5%, where it was before 2009, from the 8.0% where it is now Fact SheetJoint Committee on RevenuexxxxTax Fairness (Progressive Tax)
Tiered Corporate Minimum TaxH.2743 / S.1835Connolly, GomezProgressive MassEnsures that larger corporations pay a minimum corporate tax bill in proportion to the size of their business in MA, while small businesses continue paying the current corporate minimum tax of just $456 per yearJoint Committee on RevenuexxxTax Fairness (Progressive Tax)
Taxing offshored “GILTI” incomeH.2708 / S.1925Barber, Uyterhoeven, RauschProgressive Mass,
Raise Up Massachusetts
Increases the tax on profitable multinational corporations who use unfair tax schemes to shift their profits made in MA overseas and away from US tax collectors Fact SheetJoint Committee on RevenuexxxTax Fairness (Progressive Tax)
Corporate Tax DisclosureH.2725 / S.1875Capano, MirandaProgressive MassMakes publicly accessible reports that are already filed annually by publicly-traded corporations, detailing their sales, profits, taxable income, and taxes paid.Joint Committee on RevenuexxxTax Fairness (Progressive Tax)
Fiscally Responsible Estate Tax ReformH.2960 / S.1845 / S.1784Uyterhoeven, Jehlen, CyrProgressive MassPreserves most of the revenue-generation, inequality-reduction, and fairness benefits of the estate tax, while eliminating the current cliff effect. Alternative Estate Tax Reform Proposal. Joint Committee on Revenue** 2023-05-17 Estate tax cuts - MassBudget xxxTax Fairness (Progressive Tax)
A Targeted Charitable DeductionH.2964 / S.1801Uyterhoeven, EldridgeProgressive MassMakes the charitable deduction more targeted by limiting it to individuals who are not already getting such a deduction on their federal taxes.Joint Committee on RevenuexxTax Fairness (Progressive Tax)
Statutory Protections for FSA RevenueH.2908 / S.1865O'Day, LewisProgressive Mass,
Progressive Democrats of MA
Prevents Fair Share revenue from being diverted to tax giveaways or reserves, so it is available for spending on transportation and education as voters intended.Joint Committee on Revenue** Protect New Fair Share Amendment xxxxxxTax Fairness (Progressive Tax)
Preventing FSA Tax EvasionH.2909 / S.1866O'Day, LewisProgressive Mass,
Progressive Democrats of MA
Prevents tax avoidance of the Fair Share Amendment by requiring, as many other states do, couples who file jointly at the federal level to file jointly at the state level as well. Mass Budget Summary Joint Committee on Revenue** Protect New Fair Share Amendment xxxxxxxTax Fairness (Progressive Tax)
Payments in Lieu of Tax by Wealthy Non-profit OrganizationsH.2963 / S.1836Uyterhoeven, GomezAn Act relative to payments in lieu of taxation by organizations exempt from the property taxJoint Committee on Revenue** 2023-04-07 Boston Globe Article xTax Fairness (Progressive Tax)
Rodenticide BillH.825 / S.487Hawkins, FeeneyAn Act relative to pesticides
IndivisibleLAB Rodenticide Resources
Joint Committee on Environment and Natural ResourcesHearing on 2023-05-10 xxxxxxxxxxxEnvironment
Air QualityH.2131 / S.1382Barber, Connolly, JehlenMass Power Forward,
Massachusetts Youth Climate Coalition
Act to improve outdoor and indoor air quality for communities burdened by pollution. Joint Committee on Public HealthxxxxxxxxEnvironment
An Act to Save Recycling Costs in the CommonwealthH.779 / S.572 / S.471Day, Rush, DiDomenicoProgressive Democrats of MAWould make companies responsible for the packaging waste they create,help reduce the amount of packaging waste created, increase recycling rates, ban certain toxic additives and provide the necessary funding to develop reuse systems.Joint Committee on Environment and Natural ResourcesxxxxEnvironment
An Act to Update the Bottle BillH.3676 / H.3690 / S.2104Ciccolo, Decker, CreemProgressive Democrats of MAWould increase the deposit on more beverage containers, create a separate recycling stream which keeps the containers clean, sorted and more easily recycledJoint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and EnergyxxxEnvironment
Plastics Omnibus BillH.767 / S.525Ciccolo, LewisJoint Committee on Environment and Natural ResourcesxxxxEnvironment
PFAS Omnibus BillH.2197 / S.1356Hogan, CyrThis bill would ban food packaging and consumer products with intentionally-added PFAS from the state by 2030Joint Committee on Public Health**All About PFAS xxxxxxxxxxxxEnvironment
Digital Right to Repair BillH.360 / S.142Madaro, BradyMassPIRGThis bill would help extend the lifespan of much-needed electronic devices like cell phones and laptops by requiring tech companies to make parts and instruction manuals available to the public.Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure** 2023-04-18 US PIRG Right to Repair Report xxxEnvironment
Zero Carbon Renovation Fund (ZCRF)H.3232 / S.2365Vargas, GomezMass Climate Action Network,
Progressive Mass,
Mass Power Forward,
Progressive Democrats of MA,
Massachusetts Youth Climate Coalition
Allocate $300 million from the remaining American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to establish a Zero Carbon Renovation Fund that will jumpstart the market for zero carbon renovations in existing buildings in Massachusetts. The ZCRF will advance equitable building decarbonization by prioritizing affordable housing, public housing, low- and moderate-income homes, schools, BIPOC and women businesses, and buildings located in Environmental Justice communities. Bill SummaryJoint Committee on Ways and MeansHearing on 2023-07-19 HouseHearing Toolkit** Green Energy Consumer Alliance - Ask your legislators to co-sponsor

** Send testimony to the House
** Send testimony to the Senate
** ZCRF Legislative Briefing Social Media Toolkit xxxxxxxxxxxClimate
Polluter PaysH.872 / S.481Owens, EldridgeProgressive Mass,
Mass Power Forward,
Massachusetts Youth Climate Coalition
Requires fossil-fuel producers to fund the state’s climate adaptation programs based on
past emissions, a proposal that would extend the long-standing “polluter pays” principle for
toxic waste cleanups to addressing climate change
Joint Committee on Environment and Natural ResourcesHearing on 2023-05-17#MakePollutersPay-Hearing ActionxxxxClimate
Gas MoratoriumH.3237 / S.2135Williams, A. Ramos, GomezProgressive Mass,
Mass Power Forward
Pauses the approval for any new or expanded gas infrastructure through 2026Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and EnergyHearing on 2023-07-26 Senate Hearing on 2023-07-27 House xxxClimate
Energy Facilities Siting ReformH.3187 / S.2113Madero, DiDomenicoMass Power Forward,
Mass Climate Action Network
Would add community members to the energy facility siting board and require the EFSB to consider cumulative impacts.
Bill summary
Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and EnergyxxxxxxxxClimate
Commuter Rail ElectrificationH.3392 / S.2217Owens, Armini, Joint Committee on TransportationxxxxxxxxClimate
Clean Energy, Equity, and Innovation within Municipal Utilities H.3150 / S.2117Cataldo, EldridgeMass Climate Action NetworkThis bill requires municipal utilities (also known as Municipal Light Plants or MLPs) to adhere to the same clean energy goals and requirements as Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs). It also establishes a $50 million fund to accelerate the transition to clean energy for environmental justice communities, low- or moderate-income housing, and elderly housing that is being served by MLPs.Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and EnergyxxxxxxClimate
Incorporation of Embodied Carbon into State Climate PolicyH.764 / S.2090Ciccolo, Owens, ComerfordMass Climate Action NetworkThis bill takes critical steps to address this little-known but critical source of global emissions by establishing a state advisory board to address embodied carbon.Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and EnergyxxClimate
Remove woody biomass loophole for municipal lighting plantsH.3210 / S.2136 Ramos, GomezPartnership for Policy IntegrityAmends the 2021 Climate Roadmap law to remove biomass from the list of “non-carbon emitting sources” that municipal lighting plants can use to meet the new MLP greenhouse gas emission standard. Fact Sheet Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and EnergyClimate
An Act limiting the eligibility of woody biomass as an alternative energy supplyH.3211 / S.2137Ramos, GomezPartnership for Policy IntegrityMakes commercial-scaled and institutional heating facilities that burn wood fuels ineligible for subsidies under Massachusetts’ Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (APS). Fact Sheet Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and EnergyClimate
Gun ControlHD.4420 DayMoms Demand Action
League of Women Voters
An Act modernizing firearm laws. Fact Sheet. Joint Committee on the Judiciary

Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security
** Write your legislator - letter
** Moms Demand Action Call Kit
** Moms Demand Action Email Kit
xxxOther Bills of Note
Title of the Governor and Lt. GovernorH.30 / H.31ArminiThese bills will add "Her" and "Their" versions of both titles - “capture the progress made” for women serving on Beacon Hill and set the stage for non-binary lawmakers by using inclusive language in the Constitution.Joint Committee on the JudiciaryOther Bills of Note

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