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Thrive Act Letter

The Thrive Act (H.495/S.246), filed by State Representatives Jim Hawkins and Sam Montaño, and State Senators Jo Comerford, Liz Miranda, and Adam Gomez, offers an alternative vision.…

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Yes in My Backyard

Tell your legislators to support more homes! Ask your State Legislators to support housing affordability & Co-Sponsor H.3252/S.2006 this session! We need your state representative…

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Call or Write: No New Prisons

The Legislature passed No Cost Calls (H.1796/ S.1494) and the Prison Moratorium (H.1795/ S.1979) last session, however they decided not to override Baker’s veto. It’s a disgrace,…

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Write to Support Common Start

The Common Start Coalition is a statewide partnership of organizations, providers, parents, early educators and advocates working together to make high-quality early education and child…

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Help End Period Poverty

Write your State Senators and Representatives to add their names as a co-sponsor to H.534/ S.1381: An Act to increase access to disposable menstrual products. No one…

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