Pennsylvania – Stakes Couldn’t Be Higher!

PA played an outsized role in the 2020 election and will need to do it again in the midterms! In 2022, PA will have two of the most important elections in the country, for the US Senate and Governor: 

Must-Flip US Senate seat! – This Senate race can win a desperately needed seat to enable us to fight for nationwide voting rights and push Biden’s agenda through a fractured Senate. This Senate seat is vacated by retiring Republican senator Pat Toomey. Several strong Democratic candidates are running in the primary, making this one of our best opportunities for flipping Toomey’s seat. We must make this happen – the stakes couldn’t be higher! 

Save Pennsylvania! The gubernatorial race is a battle for nothing less than the soul and future of PA. Democratic champion Gov. Tom Wolf, who is term-limited, has been vetoing the tsunami of voter suppression laws from the radical GOP legislature for years. Democrats have an outstanding candidate in Josh Shapiro, but there is a strong GOP field so we can take nothing for granted. We must unite to elect Shapiro and save PA!