Climate Change and Economic Renewal in Nevada

By Barbara Head, 5/1/22. Nevada, a working-class blue state, is steadily turning purple!  Working-class voters, which include many people of color, have long supported the Democrats but are turning away from party policies and candidates. Working-class voters now disagree with Democrats on many issues. Economy is number one. Climate change is another area of disappointmentContinue reading “Climate Change and Economic Renewal in Nevada”

Empowering Marginalized Voters

By Barbara Head. 5/1/22, updated 5/14/22. We cannot save our democracy if we do not join forces with our communities of color. While our allies within these communities lead the way with their highly effective grassroots organizing, the rest of us can offer advocacy and support their efforts. There are multiple ways in which peopleContinue reading “Empowering Marginalized Voters”

Unexpected Heroes: Secretaries of State & State Supreme Courts

by Barbara Head, Feb. 17, 2022. With federal voting rights legislation stalled, all eyes are turning to the states. In a previous Letter From the Editors, we talked about the critical roles of Democratic governors as firewalls for our democracy. Through their veto powers, Democratic governors fight against radical GOP legislatures and their attempts toContinue reading “Unexpected Heroes: Secretaries of State & State Supreme Courts”

Redistricting and Silver Linings

by Barbara Head, Feb. 7, 2022. Republicans boast that they will take back the US House of Representatives through redistricting alone. They have been encouraged by Republican successes in red legislatures in states such as Wisconsin and New Hampshire, as well as far-right Trump-appointed justices on the Supreme Court. But Democrats are making an unexpectedlyContinue reading “Redistricting and Silver Linings”