NE Arizona Native Dems

In Arizona, everything will come down to turnout and how much support Democratic candidates receive from Native and rural Democratic voters.

The #FamilyVotes program aims to recruit, train, and support matriarchs as they register their families and communities to vote. This program is an extension of year-round community organizing efforts and a direct response to counter legislation that already limits rural and tribal voters.

We are joining forces with the Apache and Coconino County Democratic Parties and many other advocates and allies to raise awareness, register voters, and increase turnout in the midterm elections.

Northern Arizona tribal outreach was critical to electing Democrats to statewide offices in Arizona in 2022 and turning Arizona Blue in the 2020 Presidential election. Our program works year-round to fund on-the-ground canvassing efforts and salaries for Native field organizers on Navajo, Hopi, and Apache lands.

Family Votes will recruit matriarchs from rural and tribal communities, including the Navajo Nation, Hopi Tribe, and White Mountain, Yavapai, and San Carlos Apache Nations.

Matriarch volunteers utilize all relational organizing tools and strategies customized for their communities. Volunteers receive training to register new voters, educate current voters, and get voters to the polls.