As we have dreaded for months, the radicals on the Supreme Court destroyed 50 years of precedent and for the first time, eliminated a civil right, effectively making 130 million women in red states second class citizens. They have signaled their desire to go further too: Contraceptives, Marriage Equality and Intimate relationships between two consentingContinue reading “ABORTION RIGHTS ACTIONS YOU CAN TAKE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE”


DONATE TO THESE NATIONAL GUN SAFETY ORGANIZATIONS: Why donate to these organizations? Because THEY ARE OUR ANSWER TO THE NRA!! They are fighting for us and against gun violence. These three national organizations are the major opposition to gun lobbies. Their actions include: gun safety advocacy (including wider background checks); development and implementation of laws,Continue reading “GUN SAFETY ACTIONS YOU CAN TAKE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE”

Citizen Action Wisconsin

From Eau Claire to Milwaukee, Citizen Action brings people together across racial differences to make Wisconsin a better place to live and work. Citizen Action employs an integrated strategy of grassroots organizing, educational programming, earned media, civic engagement, and political lobbying to advance progressive solutions and shape the public and political debate around health care,Continue reading “Citizen Action Wisconsin”

Contest Every Race

We recruit Democrats to run for office where it matters! For too long, Republicans have been the only ones competing in local races. In states like Oklahoma, Democrats don’t run in up to 75% of local elections! Contest Every Race is working to end GOP dominance in rural America by making sure that no RepublicanContinue reading “Contest Every Race”

Democratic Governors Association

In the 2022 midterms, the stakes could not be higher for many gubernatorial races. As the Republicans continue to take over states through the legislatures, the only firewalls are Democratic Governors. In 2021, more than 440 bills restricting voter access were introduced across the country. What blocked these bills from passing? Democratic governors and theirContinue reading “Democratic Governors Association”

Force Multiplier

Force Multiplier: Our strategy has been to help people with “middle dollar” resources make political donations with an impact. We encourage people to develop the habit of giving early and strategically. Creating political change requires a predictable flow of resources to both candidates and groups. Much political giving is concentrated in the final month ofContinue reading “Force Multiplier”

Give No Ground

Update: July 8, 2022 Lots of new resources have been added to the website! Whether you’re looking to get involved in this year’s midterms or already organizing to defend our congressional majorities, this hub has all the tools and information you’ll need between now and November.  We’ve included instructions for downloading and troubleshooting critical voterContinue reading “Give No Ground”