Force Multiplier: Meet Senator Rosen-NV

December 5, 7-8 PM by zoom. To hold the Democratic Majority in the Senate in 2024, we need to defend every seat. Jacky Rosen is running for re-election in a state where the last Senatorial election and the last two Presidential elections have been decided by 2.4% or less. In 2022 the Senate race wasContinue reading “Force Multiplier: Meet Senator Rosen-NV”

Force Multiplier: State Parties in AZ, NC and WI

November, 2023. I attended a very inspiring presentation through Force Multiplier (FM). FM is a very respected group that excels in identifying valuable candidates and groups where your donations can really make a difference. This presentation was entitled “Turning Out the Base: Effective State Parties at Work.” Speakers: Ben Wikler of WisDems, Anderson Clayton ofContinue reading “Force Multiplier: State Parties in AZ, NC and WI”

Your Donation Questions Answered

Question from a reader of TP2B:  “I try to budget my political donations…But, then, I will also get emails from PACs or candidates I sent donations to for 2020 or 2022 who are trying to close their fundraising gaps, pleading for money. The request for funds burns me out a bit when really I shouldContinue reading “Your Donation Questions Answered”

Doing the Work 

Last week, I was explaining to a family member that I was going to Indigenous Lobby Day.  They weren’t impressed, and it got me thinking about why it is important to support the members of our broad Democratic coalition. This is the hard work in between glitzy yes/no elections. A common and recurring complaint aboutContinue reading “Doing the Work “

Force Multipler Montana Fund (Tax-Deductible)

Force Multiplier has identified two strong groups to support:  The Forward Montana Foundation and the Western Native Voice Education Project.  Both these funds are 501c3s and your contributions are tax deductible.  Their outreach to register voters needs early money to be successful.   Forward Montana Foundation works to build political power in Montana’s young people. TheyContinue reading “Force Multipler Montana Fund (Tax-Deductible)”

Force Mulitipler Ohio Fund (Tax-Deductible)

Force Multiplier raises money for Voter Empowerment Groups who work across the country to ensure that all Americans ​CAN + DO VOTE! Ohio Women’s Alliance  An abortion rights ballot initiative this November presents an important opportunity to register + mobilize voters. OHA is the lead statewide group doing signature collection + organizing around this issue. They haveContinue reading “Force Mulitipler Ohio Fund (Tax-Deductible)”

Purple NC:  The Synergy between GenZ and Rural Voters

North Carolina, with its 15 electoral votes, continues to be a key state in Federal elections.  It’s actually the second most rural state (after Texas); all but 20 counties have less than 50% municipal residents.  One in three people live in a rural county. I highly encourage you to watch this 18 minute interview ofContinue reading “Purple NC:  The Synergy between GenZ and Rural Voters”

Spotlight on Montana

Holding the Senate Majority is crucial to protecting and expanding our legislative agenda.  Having the Senate Majority gives us important powers:  the power to set the Senate rules, chair the committees, confirm judges at all levels, and confirm cabinet members. These are powers we must have, especially if we do not regain the US HouseContinue reading “Spotlight on Montana”

The Rise of AAPI Youth Voters

June 10, 2023 Now is the time to prepare for next year’s election and that means voter education and registration. The Democratic Party has been notoriously poor at outreach and development. To counteract that weakness, TurnPurple2Blue seeks out strong ally and grassroot groups who really connect and do the work on the ground. We canContinue reading “The Rise of AAPI Youth Voters”

UnRepresentative Spotlight: CA 45

Indivisible’s Unrepresentatives campaign is based on a simple premise: There are 18 House Republicans serving in districts that Biden won in 2020. These Republicans are extraordinarily vulnerable because most of them got elected pretending to be moderates, but once they got to Congress they immediately started siding with MAGA extremists like Marjorie Taylor Greene. ButContinue reading “UnRepresentative Spotlight: CA 45”