Connecting with Gen Z and Millennial Voters

The 2022 midterms showed an impressive turnout of Gen Z and Millennial voters- for our purposes, any voter under age 40.  Pundits call this the “youth” vote, which annoys the heck out of them.  So our first order of business is to call them by their names: Gen Z and Millennials!

They are Democratic voters.  They care about abortion rights, climate change, and healthcare.  They need daycare, housing, and student loan relief.  MAGA has noticed and is targeting them with voter suppression laws as fast as they can.  Raise the Voting Age to 25?  Sure.  Prohibit Student IDs?  Yes.  Even in Massachusetts, our entrenched legislature refuses to pass same day registration.

Republicans are attacking on all fronts because this is America’s demographic future. Roger Reich says “A new progressive era in America is likely in about 20 years — unless Republicans destroy democracy in the meantime”  But we don’t have to wait 20 years.  Let’s support Gen Z and Millennials to WIN 2024.

How? Support Gen Z and Millennial Groups, Candidates and Elected Officials!

Founded in 2019 by then 17-year-old Mexican immigrant Santiago Mayer, Voters of Tomorrow  is a political movement for young people and by young people. With the guiding goal of building youth political power, Voters of Tomorrow has a presence in over 25 states and volunteers in all 50.

Backed by extensive research on Gen Z, we’re taking the issues Gen Z cares about most into the rooms where decisions get made. Through extensive advocacy, on-the-ground and online organizing, and a nationwide network of Gen Z organizers and activists, we’re making sure that as the most diverse generation, we are represented and spoken for.

Do you know someone on a college campus?  Ask them to join or start a chapter!  You can use their policy platform to excite Gen Z voters!

Sunrise sped up its journey in 2017. The plan was clear: make climate change the top election issue and win governing power to make change happen. During the 2018 midterms, Sunrise worked to oust candidates who would not refuse funding from the fossil fuel industry and rallied behind candidates who were proponents of renewable energy.

After those elections, Sunrise set their sights on the Green New Deal to combat the climate crisis and ensure a just transition to clean energy, creating millions of good jobs in the process.

Does your Millennial care deeply about climate change?  Encourage them to join an Action Circle.

In Massachusetts, help Millennials to reach leadership positions.  You can help Samantha Perlman by following her on Facebook and twitter.  Sign up to volunteer or donate!

Help Millennials keep leadership positions!  State representative Erica Uyterhoeven (Middlesex-27)  is a progressive champion in our moribound legislature.  You can help her by following her on facebook and twitter, and donating to her campaign. Let’s give her a strong start for 2024.