We are joining Activate America to write to pro-choice Democrats who sometimes skip midterm elections. Don’t worry- we are not writing to people who don’t support abortion rights. This script uses research-based messaging approved by Planned Parenthood Action Fund and other local organizations. Read more about Pennsylvania and other battleground states at Details: TheContinue reading “PA-Fetterman-Pro-Choice”

Let’s Talk About Governors

by Barbara Head Democratic governors are our heroes and need our support! As the battle for federal legislation rages, Republicans have been steadily taking over the states, which control elections and many laws concerning environment, voting, abortion, LGBTQ, and other civil rights. The most important state seats belong to the governors. As of 2020, DemocratsContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Governors”

Postcards- Other Actions

Looking for Postcards but don’t live near a pick up location TP2B offers? Here are some other ways to get postcards! (Choices added 5/6/22) Activate America Pro-Choice Postcards to Voters: Support Senator Cortez Masto in Nevada Our first two Pro Choice postcard campaigns are in Nevada to support the re-election of Senator Catherine Cortez Masto,Continue reading “Postcards- Other Actions”

Let’s Talk About the Senate

Updated 9/4/22 to include Ohio. In general, the media narrative has changed to reflect Democratic momentum.  Biden’s approval rate has increased to 44% after passing the Inflation Reduction Act and Student Loan Forgiveness Plan.  The stripping of women’s bodily autonomy by a rogue SCOTUS has galvanized women to register and get ready to vote inContinue reading “Let’s Talk About the Senate”

Let’s Talk About the House

Democrats are defending a slim majority of five seats.  The House is a different animal than the Senate, where the fight is concentrated mostly in the battleground states.  It’s a difficult win because of redistricting, and a tendency for the opposition party to win back seats in the midterms.  Read 538’s “2022 election forecast”   TheContinue reading “Let’s Talk About the House”