More MA Pick-Up Options

Looking for in-stock postcard packets closer to you, or groups writing in person? There are opportunities on the MAssachusetts Grassroots Information Center (News-MAGIC) calendar. A lot of groups have started writing in person again and you can always find many different people offering packets in a variety of towns! News-MAGIC (the MAssachusetts Grassroots Information Center)Continue reading “More MA Pick-Up Options”

Will the decimation of Women’s Rights finally wake up Americans?

Christine Brown, May 5, 2022 (updated May 17) Steven Cobert takes down the radical Scotus Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor would reportedly write in his diary, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” WE ARE THE SLEEPINGContinue reading “Will the decimation of Women’s Rights finally wake up Americans?”

Postcards- Other Actions

Looking for Postcards but don’t live near a pick up location TP2B offers? Here are some other ways to get postcards! (Choices added 5/6/22) Activate America Pro-Choice Postcards to Voters: Support Senator Cortez Masto in Nevada Our first two Pro Choice postcard campaigns are in Nevada to support the re-election of Senator Catherine Cortez Masto,Continue reading “Postcards- Other Actions”

Write NV-Dems Deliver!

These postcards from Progressive Turnout Project will spread the message “Democrats Deliver!” Six years ago, Catherine Cortez Masto became the first Latina Senator in American history, narrowly pulling off a victory to defeat a tough challenger. (The two previous senate elections in NV were decided by 5%) Now, she will be running for her secondContinue reading “Write NV-Dems Deliver!”

Phone NH- Deep Canvass Training with Team Pappas

Sundays and Tuesdays: THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW! Join us to make calls to Democrats in NH and have meaningful, issue-based conversations to identify what matters most to voters! We’ll start with calls and move on to door-to-door canvassing later in April! There will be a short refresher training at the beginning of the phone bankContinue reading “Phone NH- Deep Canvass Training with Team Pappas”

Autocracy in Massachusetts

David Pepper’s new book Laboratories of Autocracy examines the crisis of the Anti-democratic (small d) condition of Statehouses across our nation, using Ohio’s experience as a test case. But we’re safe here in Massachusetts, right? Unfortunately, we are not immune.  First, there are the obvious anti-democratic forces.  PAC money is flowing into our state toContinue reading “Autocracy in Massachusetts”