Primary: August 2, 2022

7/11/22 UPDATE: Focus on Arizona for a great investment in Democracy! We can win a Senate Seat and a House Seat on the Federal level. At the state level, we need to win the SecretaryContinue reading

AZ Voters on Tribal Lands

Addresses are available on Fridays. In 2022, the Northeast Arizona Native Organizing Campaign must reach every Native Democratic voter on Navajo, Hopi, and White Mountain…

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Phone AZ or NV

Updated 9/26/22 Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays: We need your help talking to voters about Democrats up and down the ticket. A Zoom phone…

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NE Arizona Native Dems

In Arizona, everything will come down to turnout and how much support Democratic candidates receive from Native and rural Democratic voters. The new #FamilyVotes program…

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Rural Arizona Action (RAZA) seeks to create more equitable and just systems through advocacy, accountability and leadership training in rural Arizona communities. RAZA was founded as…

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Working America

Focus for Democracy has chosen Working America as their primary grassroot group to support. In their 2022 Election Landscape Analysis, Senate and Governor elections in…

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