Working America

Update: 6/8/23 I attended Focus for Democracy’s analysis of the 2022 Midterms. They were the main support of Working America, and funded them thoroughly in our key states. They did an in-depth statistical analysis to measure the efficacy of Working America’s voter outreach. The partisan programs yeilded votes for a much lower cost (than traditional means), allowing them to promote five times the votes. Their work in AZ helped elect Gov Hobbs, who won by a very small margin. This analysis did not include the non-partisan outreach they did. They will be starting fundraising again soon- as you know early money sows the best results. This is a very good group to donate to!

Focus for Democracy has chosen Working America as their primary grassroot group to support. In their 2022 Election Landscape Analysis, Senate and Governor elections in key swing states (particularly AZ, NV, WI, and PA) will likely have the most impact on federal legislation and state voter suppression laws going forward. 

At this point in the election cycle, Focus for Democracy is recommending Working America as the organization to which early donations now will likely have the most impact on mobilizing turnout and persuading the small proportion of still undecided voters in these key states.  They are especially focussed on non-college voters.