11/22/22 UPDATE: Katie Hobbs defeated Kari Lake to become Arizona’s Governor-Elect. As Arizona’s secretary of state, Hobbs upheld 2020 election results while Trump-backed Lake went all in on the Big Lie.

11/14/22 UPDATE: AZ – Good news in Arizona with Mark Kelly’s senate victory and a big win for democracy with Adrian Fontes slated to be secretary of state for the 2024 election. We’re still waiting for the new governor to be announced, as Katie Hobbs maintains a one-point lead over MAGA extremist Kari Lake. Our efforts made a real difference in these very close races.

7/11/22 UPDATE: Focus on Arizona for a great investment in Democracy! We can win a Senate Seat and a House Seat on the Federal level. At the state level, we need to win the Secretary of State, Attorney General and Democrats are within 1 seat each of tying both chambers of the AZ State House. The ultraconservative Republicans in the Arizona State House introduce outrageous legislation nearly every day, making work in this state not only a good bang for the buck but also a way to cauterize an artery in our hemorrhaging democracy. We are doing the work on the ground, let’s keep the momentum up these last four months!

3/14/22 UPDATE – The AZ Secretary of State seat, key to combatting election subversion, is open due to Katie Hobbs’ gubernatorial bid. The Governor’s race is still rated a tossup. Democrats are within 1 seat each of tying both chambers of the AZ State House. The once-Democratic AZ 06 congressional seat is now open and leans Republican, so holding Mark Kelly’s US Senate seat becomes even more vital for Democratic power on the federal level. Nearly every day, extremist Republican legislation and litigation advance in AZ, and making progress in this state is key to holding our democracy.

11/1/21 – Arizona is an important battleground state:  We must save this Senate Seat, currently held by Mark Kelly.  In 2020, Mark Kelly won the election to complete John McCain’s term. Kelly has strong Republican opposition, so this race is rated as a toss-up. The Federal Representatives are currently split 5 Democrats to 4 Republicans – look for Republicans to leverage redistricting to gain a seat.  Also up for grabs is the Governorship.  Radical Republican Gov. Ducey will be term limited out.