Rural Arizona Action (RAZA) seeks to create more equitable and just systems through advocacy, accountability and leadership training in rural Arizona communities. RAZA was founded as a response to the lack of resources and year-round civic engagement opportunities available in rural Arizona. RAZA and Rural Arizona Engage, their affiliated 501(c)3 organization, educate, advocate and coordinate in rural communities to build communities of educated, empowered and engaged voters. RAZA develops long-term organizing capacity and creates professional development opportunities for rural organizers.

Run for Something

Run for Something:

Since launching in January 2017, Run for Something has recruited 70,000+ young people across all 50 states who want to run for local office.

We provide a safety net for new and exciting progressive candidates — at all stages of their journey — to help them run efficient, grassroots & voter-contact driven campaigns and not feel alone in the process.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear about how we help directly from Run for Something candidates, partners, mentors, volunteers, and alumni

Somos Votantes

(We Are Voters) is a Latino-led, Latino-focused organization aimed at engaging and empowering Latino voters. Somos Votantes and Somos PAC collectively ran the largest independent Latino Voter Outreach Program in the Country. In 2020, they educated and mobilized hundreds of thousands of Latino voters and helped to get Biden and other Democrats elected. In 2021, Somos engaged Latinos in key issues and promoted Biden’s and the Democrats’ contributions to Latino communities.

Somos Votantes boosts voter education and turnout with Spanish-language radio and TV ads, canvassing, calling, texting, and sending out bilingual mailers.  While NV and AZ are strong areas for the organization, Somos also focuses on FL, GA, NC, PA, WI, and MI. 

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Turn PA Blue

Turn PA Blue: In 2020, Turn PA Blue volunteers made over 4 million calls, wrote over 1 million postcards, and donated over $800,000 to help elect Democrats up and down the ticket.
In 2022, Pennsylvania will be the center of the political universe again with control of a vital U.S. Senate, PA Governor and the statehouse all up for grabs.

Turn PA Blue is a valued partner of MAflipPA and Indivisible Acton Area.

Working America

Focus for Democracy has chosen Working America as their primary grassroot group to support. In their 2022 Election Landscape Analysis, Senate and Governor elections in key swing states (particularly AZ, NV, WI, and PA) will likely have the most impact on federal legislation and state voter suppression laws going forward. 

At this point in the election cycle, Focus for Democracy is recommending Working America as the organization to which early donations now will likely have the most impact on mobilizing turnout and persuading the small proportion of still undecided voters in these key states.  They are especially focussed on non-college voters.

3/14/22 UPDATE – Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak formally filed for re-election last week. This race is rated tossup by 2 of the 3 dominant prediction groups. Democratic incumbent US Senator Catherine Cortez Masto is in a tossup race with Republican challengers. Both of these seats went Democratic in 2018, breaking a nearly two-decade grip by Republicans and giving NV a Democratic trifecta. We need to hold these tenuous positions!

11/2/21 – Nevada Senator, Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto, faces a tough challenge from a strong Republican candidate.  Biden only carried the state by two points. Good news in the rest of the state though: the Democratic state legislature will likely hold the status quo of three democratic and one republican representatives.  The Democratic Governor will run for re-election.

5/30/22 Update: All eyes are on Stacey Abrams in the gubernatorial race and Raphael Warnock in the senatorial race. Both of these crucial races in this must-win state are rated as toss-ups, so every donation and volunteer effort makes a difference. Progressive Lucy McBath easily unseated centrist Carolyn Bourdeaux in the GA 07 primary on May 24, receiving about twice as many votes. GA 07 is considered a solidly Democratic district.

3/12/22 Update: In the new redistricting maps (still being litigated), Republicans have redistricted Lucy McBath out of her seat in the 6th, forcing her to run against centrist Democrat Carolyn Bourdeaux. Bourdeaux was part of a small group of Democrats refusing to pass Build Back Better simultaneousely with the “bipartisan” infrastructure bill. The primary is scheduled for May 24th. The new 6th District will be R+24 so Republicans effectively stole a house seat. We’ll see how the litigation plays out.

11/2/21 Senator Raphael Warnock is running for a full six year term.  We must hold this Senate Seat!  In addition, Georgia is a key state in the fight for the house.  Their Republican state legislature is in charge of redistricting.  They will likely redraw either the 6th District (currently represented by Democrat Lucy McBath) or the 7th (held by Democrat Carolyn Bourdeaux) to be firmly Democratic and the other district to either be more competitive or even Republican-leaning. That would give Republicans a potential net of at least one seat, in an environment in which every seat matters. Governor Kemp is also running for reelection, Trump is threatening to primary him.  Stay tuned.

3/14/22 UPDATE – The AZ Secretary of State seat, key to combatting election subversion, is open due to Katie Hobbs’ gubernatorial bid. The Governor’s race is still rated a tossup. Democrats are within 1 seat each of tying both chambers of the AZ State House. The once-Democratic AZ 06 congressional seat is now open and leans Republican, so holding Mark Kelly’s US Senate seat becomes even more vital for Democratic power on the federal level. Nearly every day, extremist Republican legislation and litigation advance in AZ, and making progress in this state is key to holding our democracy.

11/1/21 – Arizona is an important battleground state:  We must save this Senate Seat, currently held by Mark Kelly.  In 2020, Mark Kelly won the election to complete John McCain’s term. Kelly has strong Republican opposition, so this race is rated as a toss-up. The Federal Representatives are currently split 5 Democrats to 4 Republicans – look for Republicans to leverage redistricting to gain a seat.  Also up for grabs is the Governorship.  Radical Republican Gov. Ducey will be term limited out.