UnRepresentative Spotlight: CA 45

Indivisible’s Unrepresentatives campaign is based on a simple premise: There are 18 House Republicans serving in districts that Biden won in 2020. These Republicans are extraordinarily vulnerable because most of them got elected pretending to be moderates, but once they got to Congress they immediately started siding with MAGA extremists like Marjorie Taylor Greene.

But unlike MTG, these 18 Reps aren’t in the news every day. They want to fly under the radar, because they don’t want their constituents knowing they’re capitulating to far-right donors instead of doing what’s good for working families in their districts.

To defeat them, we need to expose their MAGA complicity and make them famous for their extremism. That’s why we’re kicking off a new series putting the spotlight on each of the Unrepresentative 18, starting with Representative Michelle Steel.

From voting to cut Medicaid, funding for schools, and veterans benefits1 to opposing the creation of the January 6th commission,2 Steel has consistently sided with MAGA Republicans and her corporate donors over the interests of her constituents. 

Just last year, voters in CA-45 supported a ballot measure enshrining abortion rights in California’s state constitution. In direct contrast, Steel cosponsored a bill that would ban abortion nationwide — even overriding state-level protections like the ones her own constituents voted for.3

Steel is equally out of touch when it comes to LGBTQ+ rights. In a meeting with Tea Party Republicans in her district, she was caught on video saying she withdrew her daughter from college after learning she supports marriage equality, implying that her daughter was brainwashed.4

But Steel’s extremism makes her vulnerable. Democrats outnumber Republicans in CA-45 and Joe Biden won her district by a wide margin in 2020.5 We have a real chance of flipping this seat but it’s going to take a massive accountability and outreach campaign to show voters in CA-45 just how extreme their Unrepresentative is. That means demonstrations, ads, billboards, radio spots, and even flyovers — and we’re counting on grassroots donors to help fund it, so please click here to pitch in to hold Steel accountable for her extremism and defeat her in 2024.

Most of Steel’s constituents don’t know her voting record or the statements she makes behind closed doors. It’s up to us to hold her accountable, and Indivisibles in her district are already getting to work.


1. Congress.gov. “H.R.2811 – 118th Congress (2023-2024): Limit, Save, Grow Act of 2023.” May 4, 2023.

2. Congress.gov. “H.R.3233 – 117th Congress (2021-2022): National Commission to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the United States Capitol Complex Act.” May 28, 2021. 

3. Kilgore, Ed. “Vulnerable Anti-Abortion House Republicans Set a Trap for Themselves.” Intelligencer, August 31, 2022. 

4. “VIDEO – Michelle Steel Rejects Marriage Equality, Claiming Her Daughter Was ‘Brainwashed’ For Supporting Equality.” DCCC, July 10, 2020. 

5. “Report of Registration – February 10, 2023 : California Secretary of State.” Accessed June 8, 2023.

Phone OH

Mondays 5:30-7:30 Join Swing Blue Alliance and the Ohio Democratic Party to help defeat a Republican Referendum to increase the threshold to pass a citizen-led constitutional amendment from simple majority to 60% on August 8th. The goal of which is to defeat the Ohio Right to Make Reproductive Decisions Including Abortion Initiative on the November Ballot.

The vote is scheduled in August to suppress voter turnout. We need your help to prove the Republicans wrong.!

Never made calls to voters before? We offer a comprehensive training, assistance throughout the phone bank and a debrief where we share stories, learn from each other and create community.

Join us to protect democracy in Ohio! Join us to protect reproductive rights and abortion in Ohio! Sign up today!

Write NY

We are joining Activate America’s postcard campaigns that focus on critical New York House districts: NY-3, and NY-4, “represented” in the US House of Representatives by Republican Congressmen George Santos and Anthony D’Esposito

While only Santos has been arrested by federal authorities for campaign finance violations, D’Esposito just voted in lockstep with the MAGA extremists on the GOP’s “Default on America” bill.

Background: We are writing to Democratic and Democratic leaning voters who did not vote in 2022, most of whom did not vote in 2020, and are 18 – 39 years old. We are pointing out that Democrats are proposing budget priorities that these voters agree with (according to modeling data,) while their Republican member of Congress voted for a Republican bill that includes blocking student debt relief and rolling back environmental protections. There are local elections happening in New York with a primary in June, so we are urging voters to participate in every election, at the request of some local advocates, rather than just mentioning 2024. 

This script is one of a series we will be sending to these voters between now and the 2024 election, each with a different focus or issue. 

Deadline: Please mail your postcards as you complete them and within 3 weeks of receiving your list of addresses. 

Here is the actual script:

Dear [first name of voter], 

The Democrats’ proposed budget reduces student debt and fights climate change. Your Congressman, Republican Anthony D’Esposito, just voted to block student debt relief and roll back environmental protections. 

Please vote in every election – your neighbors are counting on you! 

Thanks, [Your first name], Volunteer 

Optional phrase to add if you have space: 

• Democrats are on the side of hard-working people. 

Packets are $15 for 25 cards, stamps, and addresses. Please email Christine@IndivisibleActon.org for pick up and payment instructions.

Concord Indivisible Huddle

Sunday, June 11, 3-5 PM, in person at the Harvey Wheeler Community Center, 1276 Main Street, West Concord

Concord Indivisible is bringing back their in-person huddles and Indivisible Acton Area, IndivisibleLAB and Swing Blue Alliance will have tables! Gather with like-minded folks to take meaningful action for progressive candidates and causes. Hear from special speakers, chat with fellow huddlers, and enjoy tasty snacks as we start work on the 2024 campaign. 

The signature writing project will be postcards to constituents of New York GOP Rep. Mike Lawler. You can pre-order your packet of postcards  to write on site or take home.

Other huddle projects include letters and postcards for Moms Demand Action on behalf of gun safety legislation, and for bills that curb the use of rodenticides in Massachusetts. Write a postcard for Same Day Voter Registration in Massachusetts. The Stop Private Jet Expansion Coalition — which opposes expansion at Hanscom Airport — will also be there with a petition and yard signs.  

Swing Blue Alliance: Flag the Results

Wednesday, June 14, 7-8 PM

In order to know where you are going, it helps to know where you’ve been

Indvisible Acton Area’s Turn Purple 2 Blue project is excited to cosponsor this important event! In 2022 Swing Blue Alliance and allies sent 460,000 postcards and letters to get out the vote in PA, NC, NH, FL, CO and GA and some midwestern states (in partnership with Galvanize.) Many were part of an experiment.

Join the Swing Blue Alliance mailing campaign team on Flag Day, June 14th as we review the results of our 2022 experiments and lay out our mailing campaign strategy for 2023.

Co-sponsored by Markers for Democracy, Swing Left North Shore Cape Ann, Indivisible Acton Area, TurnPurple2Blue and IndivisibleLAB.

Support GenZ Climate Activists

Indivisible Acton Area and IndivisibleLAB were excited to co-host our April 2023 Take Action Forum where we met GenZ climate activists.  Sara Karp and Eben Bein gave a great presentation on Our Climate, which is part of the Massachusetts Youth Climate Coalition (MYCC). 

Sara Karp (she/her) is a Massachusetts Fellow who is currently a sophomore at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School. Prior to joining the Our Climate team, Sara has worked to create and advance local level policy including the Acton Climate Action Plan and a proposal for 100% renewable electricity in Acton. Eben Bein (he/they) is a high-school-teacher-turned-climate-justice-organizer. He joined Our Climate in 2018, after 6 years of teaching biology at Revere High School (MA) and Phillips Exeter Academy (NH). They are now MA Field and Education Manager as well as administrator for the Massachusetts Youth Climate Coalition, where they empower and co-learn with next generation climate advocates across the state.

It was a very exciting and motivating discussion – I highly recommend watching the recording to see one of the strong, new, grassroots groups working on climate crisis mitigation.  This group has really done the deep work to create a space for youth to do essential advocacy for climate. 

I really loved the Adultism discussion about the push/pull between adults saying “you guys are the future, save us!” and “that won’t work, do it our way.”  Get ready to be energized!

Our Climate slide show is here.  (starts at 3:57 on the recording)
MYCC Legislation starts at 44 min.
Rodenticide and Bee the Solution slide show is here.  (starts at 1:15 on the recording)


Action 1:  Please write to your state representative and state senator and advocate for H496, the interdisciplinary climate justice education bill. Multiple variations of this climate Ed bill were filed this session, but none contain key language written by youth stakeholders. Namely, the senate bill by the same name does not include MYCC’s language, so we are asking all legislators to support H.496. After you have written your legislator, please carefully log it on Our Climate’s tracking tool here. (need help?  Just email Christine@IndivisibleActon.org)

Action 2: Read carefully Being an effective adult ally in MYCC  (here),  especially:  support educators and staffers who work with young people; provide digital, moral, and organizing support; and offer specific support to a specific event.  Can you help or do you know someone who could? Acton does have a student group, Resource Force, who are doing amazing work on the local level, but they just aren’t tied into state efforts.  It appears that Littleton doesn’t have a student group, does your town’s high school?

Empower Youth through Comprehensive Sexual Health Education

In today’s world, equipping young people with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate their sexual health is paramount. That’s where the Massachusetts Healthy Youth Act comes into play. First introduced in 2011, this visionary piece of legislation seeks to implement comprehensive sexual health education in schools, ensuring our youth have access to accurate and evidence-based information.

“I’m sick and tired of getting up at a podium every two years and talking about a commonsense bill that we can’t get across the finish line… I’m tired of talking to all of you and telling you how important this bill is and not being able to get this done.”

– MA Senator Sal DiDomenico, Healthy Youth Act lobby day, May 30

One of the greatest strengths of the Massachusetts Healthy Youth Act lies in its commitment to providing reliable knowledge. By focusing on essential topics like consent, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, and healthy relationships, this act enables young individuals to make informed choices. Armed with accurate information, they can navigate the complexities of their sexual health, reducing the risks of unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

Vitally, this act goes beyond just delivering information—it fosters inclusivity. By recognizing the importance of addressing topics like gender identity, sexual orientation, and healthy relationships, it creates a safe and supportive environment for all students. This inclusive approach promotes understanding, acceptance, and respect, ensuring no one feels excluded or marginalized

In addition, the Massachusetts Healthy Youth Act is a step towards reducing disparities. It ensures that comprehensive sexual health education is accessible to all, regardless of their background or access to resources. By bridging the knowledge gap, this act empowers marginalized communities with essential information, promoting equality and equity in sexual health outcomes.

Into the bargain, the act strongly emphasizes promoting healthy relationships and consent. Teaching young people about communication, boundaries, and respect fosters a consent culture and helps prevent sexual violence. This proactive approach equips them with the tools to establish and maintain healthy relationships, fostering a society built on respect and understanding.

The Massachusetts Healthy Youth Act is a progressive and necessary step towards providing comprehensive sexual health education to our young people. By prioritizing accurate information, inclusivity, and the promotion of healthy relationships, this act ensures that our youth are well-prepared to make responsible choices and lead fulfilling lives. Let’s pass this empowering legislation, finally, and pave the way for a brighter, more informed future for our youth.

Here’s What You Can Do:

Call your Legislators

Please call your legislators and ask them to co-sponsor and vote to pass the Healthy Youth Act. Reps Arciero, Cataldo, Ciccolo, Hogan, Gentile, and Sena had not yet co-sponsored as of May 31.

Donate to Healthy Youth Act Coalition Members

Help Build our Instagram

It’s clear that the future of our climate and democracy depends on the engagement of Americans under 30. This demographic is not on facebook. We do however, have a fabulous Instragram account managed by Linda in Illinios. (Remember I always say Acton Area is state of mind!) Please help us build strength for our Insta account!

  1. Follow our page here! While you are here, check out all the great reels we have!
  2. Like and share often!
  3. Comments are the best help!

Connecting with Gen Z and Millennial Voters

The 2022 midterms showed an impressive turnout of Gen Z and Millennial voters- for our purposes, any voter under age 40.  Pundits call this the “youth” vote, which annoys the heck out of them.  So our first order of business is to call them by their names: Gen Z and Millennials!

They are Democratic voters.  They care about abortion rights, climate change, and healthcare.  They need daycare, housing, and student loan relief.  MAGA has noticed and is targeting them with voter suppression laws as fast as they can.  Raise the Voting Age to 25?  Sure.  Prohibit Student IDs?  Yes.  Even in Massachusetts, our entrenched legislature refuses to pass same day registration.

Republicans are attacking on all fronts because this is America’s demographic future. Roger Reich says “A new progressive era in America is likely in about 20 years — unless Republicans destroy democracy in the meantime”  But we don’t have to wait 20 years.  Let’s support Gen Z and Millennials to WIN 2024.

How? Support Gen Z and Millennial Groups, Candidates and Elected Officials!

Founded in 2019 by then 17-year-old Mexican immigrant Santiago Mayer, Voters of Tomorrow  is a political movement for young people and by young people. With the guiding goal of building youth political power, Voters of Tomorrow has a presence in over 25 states and volunteers in all 50.

Backed by extensive research on Gen Z, we’re taking the issues Gen Z cares about most into the rooms where decisions get made. Through extensive advocacy, on-the-ground and online organizing, and a nationwide network of Gen Z organizers and activists, we’re making sure that as the most diverse generation, we are represented and spoken for.

Do you know someone on a college campus?  Ask them to join or start a chapter!  You can use their policy platform to excite Gen Z voters!

Sunrise sped up its journey in 2017. The plan was clear: make climate change the top election issue and win governing power to make change happen. During the 2018 midterms, Sunrise worked to oust candidates who would not refuse funding from the fossil fuel industry and rallied behind candidates who were proponents of renewable energy.

After those elections, Sunrise set their sights on the Green New Deal to combat the climate crisis and ensure a just transition to clean energy, creating millions of good jobs in the process.

Does your Millennial care deeply about climate change?  Encourage them to join an Action Circle.

In Massachusetts, help Millennials to reach leadership positions.  You can help Samantha Perlman by following her on Facebook and twitter.  Sign up to volunteer or donate!

Help Millennials keep leadership positions!  State representative Erica Uyterhoeven (Middlesex-27)  is a progressive champion in our moribound legislature.  You can help her by following her on facebook and twitter, and donating to her campaign. Let’s give her a strong start for 2024.

Indigenous Legislation Lobby Day

Thursday, June 15, 11:30-1:30 at the Statehouse, Boston

Join activists across the state to advocate for the MA Indigenous Agenda. Gather on the State House steps for a rally at 11:30AM, listen to speakers and a press conference at 12:00, then head into the State House for advocacy at 12:30. Get more details HERE

Can’t attend? Send a letter here

Want to join our Rideshare? Email Christine@IndivisibleActon.org for details!