Late last year, we did a postcard campaign to WI through Activate America. We were touting the accomplishments of the Dems with the Infrastructure bill. It was a longish script and a bit of a slog.

But you know what? It worked!!!

Last month, there was a minor election in WI  – the type that no one usually pays any attention to, and turnout is always low.  But the turnout among Dem voters was remarkably high! All the work we have collectively done for WI really paid off! Republicans expected a red wave that never materialized. Instead, Dems prevailed in over half the races, which also produced Milwaukee’s first elected Black mayor. 

Also good news is the fact that if these voters turned out for a minor election, they will certainly vote again this November, when the US House and Senate are on the line. With an off-year election, turnout is everything.  And turnout is something we know how to do!  

Thanks to all of you who participated in this WI campaign, and I hope it will encourage others of you to write, write, WRITE! It matters, and it works!!

NV-Two Campaigns

Read all about Nevada and other battleground states on our website www.TurnPurple2Blue.org


We are joining Activate America to write to Democrats who voted in 2020 but did not vote in 2018 or are new voters. This script highlights the Inflation Reduction Act just passed by Senator Cortez Masto along with every Democrat in the Senate.  This message may appeal more to the Latino vote than a pro-choice message. You may see repeating house addresses on portions of this list; that is an artifact of how the list was sorted but the addresses are correct. 

Deadline: Please mail cards as soon as you complete them and by October 1 at the latest.


Dear [Voter first name], 

Senator Catherine Cortez Masto helped pass the Inflation Reduction Act, which will: 

-lower prescription drug prices 
-enact historic measures to fight climate change 
-eliminate tax loopholes for corporations And more! 

Every Republican Senator voted against the bill. Let’s re-elect Democrat Cortez Masto! Thanks, [First name), volunteer 


Check out catherinecortezmasto.com 


We are joining Activate America to write to pro choice Democrats who sometimes skip midterm elections. Don’t worry – we are not writing to people who don’t support abortion rights. This script uses research-based messaging approved by Planned Parenthood Action Fund and other local organizations to help get out the vote! 

Deadline: Please mail cards as soon as completed and by October 25 at the latest. 


Dear [First name], 

Republicans have introduced a national abortion ban in the Senate. 
Vote to re-elect Democrat Senator Cortez Masto! She’ll fight for our freedom to make decisions about our own bodies. 

You will receive a ballot in the mail. Please return it ASAP! 

Thanks, [Your first name), volunteer 


See nysos.gov for voting info 
Your neighbors are counting on you! 



Packets contain 25 postcards, stamps, and instructions. 
Reimbursement is $15 per packet. 

Littleton (Christine’s house). Please email Christine@indivisibleacton.org and let her know how many packets (of 25 postcards) you would like. More detailed pick-up and payment instructions will be given then.


We are joining Activate America to write to pro-choice Democrats who sometimes skip midterm elections. Don’t worry- we are not writing to people who don’t support abortion rights. This script uses research-based messaging approved by Planned Parenthood Action Fund and other local organizations. Read more about Pennsylvania and other battleground states at www.TurnPurple2Blue.org


  • Mail as you write, but complete by October 25.
  • Packets contain 25 postcards, stamps, and instructions. 
  • Persuasive script
  • Reimbursement is $15 per packet. 

The Actual Script (Don’t change or add to it!)

Dear (first name)
Republicans have introduced a national abortion ban in the Senate.
Vote Democrat John Fetterman for U.S. Senate! He’ll fight for our freedom to make decisions about our own bodies.
Early Voting has started. Info at: vote.pa.gov
Your neighbors are counting on you!
Thanks, (your first name), a volunteer

Postcard Writing and Pickup

Wednesday, September 28, at 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM – In Person, Lexington Visitors Center, 1875 Mass Ave, Lexington, MA

Please RSVP so we know how many packets to have on hand.

Meet us outside at the visitor center in Lexington. And feel free to bring a friend and/or just stop by to say hello and/or pickup postcard packets even if you can’t stay. You will find us at the picnic tables in front or the porch in the back (depending on weather). We spread out tables but feel free to bring a mask (we will create a mask-required table if there is demand). If you want a drink or snack, check out Via Lago, which is just across Meriam Street. There is parking on the street or in the lot across Meriam Street. There is a water refill station inside the Visitor Center so bring your own water bottle!


We are joining with Postcards to Swing States to Get Out the Vote (GOTV) in Michigan. We are writing to Democrats to increase turnout for the Nov 8th election. This group is writing to help Democratic Candidates in US House Districts in Michigan, Elissa Slotkin and Hillary Scholten. We believe that votes for these candidates will also increase votes for Governor Whitmer, Sec. of State Benson, and Attorney General Nessel. Hmm, anyone else notice that all five are strong women?



  • Write and hold these cards to mail the morning of October 28th.
  • Packets contain 25 postcards, stamps, and instructions. 
  • Very short script! And they give you a choice!
  • Reimbursement is $15 per packet. 


Script 1:
Hi (Voter’s first name)
Thank you for being a voter! Your friends and family may need your reminder to vote. Please ask them to vote in the Tues. Nov 8 election!
(your first name), a volunteer


Script 2:
Hi (Voter’s first name)
Thank you for being a voter! When will you vote in the Tues. Nov. 8 election? Please plan ahead!
(your first name), a volunteer

Littleton (Christine’s house). Please email Christine@indivisibleacton.org and let her know how many packets (of 25 postcards) you would like. More detailed pick-up and payment instructions will be given then.

Let’s Talk About Governors

by Barbara Head

Democratic governors are our heroes and need our support! As the battle for federal legislation rages, Republicans have been steadily taking over the states, which control elections and many laws concerning environment, voting, abortion, LGBTQ, and other civil rights. The most important state seats belong to the governors. As of 2020, Democrats control 22 seats and Republicans control 28. Many of our Democratic governors are fighting, and often winning against tremendous odds, to defend their states against their extremist Republican legislatures. (To support our governors and their races, donate to Democratic Governors Association.)

Read on, for the backstories on individual gubernatorial races in the 2022 midterms.  The ratings are accurate as of September 16, and will be updated regularly.  Cook Political Report and 538 are reputable analytic websites. Our emphasis is on competitive races, and we’ve given them our own qualitative ratings as a guide.  

AZ – Open seat. Katie Hobbs (D) vs. Kari Lake (R) 

Cook Political Report rates this race as a toss-up. The previous governor, Republican Doug Ducey, was term limited and cannot run in 2022. He is not a Trump fan, but he has signed restrictive voting laws, such as requiring proof of citizenship to vote, that the Justice Department is challenging in court. 538’s updated poll average shows Katie Hobbs, the current Arizona Democratic Secretary of State, ahead by 2 points. Lake is endorsed by Trump and is an election denier. Category: A – A critical seat that we can win.

FL – Charlie Crist (D) vs. Ron DeSantis (R), incumbent. 

Cook Political rates this race as Likely R. 538’s updated poll average shows DeSantis up by 7 points, and DeSantis has raised more than ten times the funding.  Charlie Crist was governor of FL from 2007 to 2011. During his tenure, he was a Republican and then an Independent, before becoming a Democrat in 2012.  DeSantis is as extreme as they come, and appears to have a stranglehold on this state. The argument has been made that it would be worthwhile helping Crist mount a major attack in the midterms, since DeSantis would be easier to stop now than in 2024, when he is likely to run for president. However, it will be difficult to overcome DeSantis’s commanding lead in the gubernatorial race. Category: C – A gambler’s dream.

GA – Stacey Abrams (D) vs. Brian Kemp, (R), incumbent. 

Cook Political rates this race as Lean R, and 538 polls show Kemp ahead by 5 points. Abrams needs no introduction, she is widely credited for turning GA blue in 2020 by virtue of her powerfully effective grassroots organizing. Kemp is no friend of Trump but supports voter suppression policies and other rightwing causes. As the incumbent in 2018, Kemp ran against Abrams and won by remaining the head election official in GA while he himself was running for office. Despite this obvious cheating, Kemp is relatively popular, but so is Abrams, so a lot will depend upon voter turnout. Category: A – A tough race that deserves support. 

MI – Gretchen Whitmer (D), incumbent, vs Tudor Dixon (R).

Cook Political rates this as Lean D, and 538 polls give Whitmer a substantial lead of 10 points. Whitmer is a well-respected leader with a strong job approval rating, whereas Tudor Dixon, an election denier, is antiabortion in the extreme and backs other radical right policies. Interestingly, as an amateur actress Dixon has appeared in several horror films. If she wins this election, she could star in the movie. Category: B – Ours to lose, but don’t take for granted. 

NV – Steve Sisolak (D), incumbent vs. Joe Lombardo (R)

Cook Political calls this one a Toss-up, and 538’s polls give Sisolak 2 points over Lombardo. Sisolak, considered one of the most vulnerable Democratic governors, presides over a very complex state that recently has been blue but is fighting a significant red drift. Sisolak’s approval ratings have mirrored Biden’s in this state, but they have crept upwards as Nevada’s tourism industry has begun to rebound. Lombardo, a county sheriff, advocates pretty much what you’d expect from someone Trump endorsed. Category: A – Do all you can to keep Nevada blue.

PA – Open seat. Josh Shapiro (D) vs. Doug Mastriano (R)

Cook Political calls this a Lean D, and 538 sports Shapiro with an 8 point lead. Throughout his tenure, PA governor Tom Wolf has been an imposing seawall holding back the tsunami of extremist legislation. He cannot run again this year due to term limits, so this governor’s race is arguably the most important of the midterms. PA election guide 2022. Shapiro is the current, highly-respected PA attorney general. He is favored to win, but we should not be overconfident, since there are still two months to go before the November election. Trump-backed conspiracy-theorist Mastriano is an absolute disaster just waiting to happen. Category: A – We can’t afford to lose this race. 

WI – Tony Evers (D), incumbent vs. Tim Michels (R)

Cook Political calls this a Toss-up, and 538 polls give Evers 3 point lead. This race is right up there with PA as a must-win. Evers too has ferociously battled the powerful extremists of the Republican legislature in this most gerrymandered state in the nation. Michels is an election denier and a wealthy businessman who is funding much of his own campaign, leaving Evers to seek grassroots donors. Tony needs our help. Category: A – We can win this – and we must.

Postcards- Other Actions

Looking for Postcards but don’t live near a pick up location TP2B offers? Here are some other ways to get postcards! (Choices added 5/6/22)

Activate America Pro-Choice Postcards to Voters: Support Senator Cortez Masto in Nevada Our first two Pro Choice postcard campaigns are in Nevada to support the re-election of Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, and in California to support Congresswoman Katie Porter, both champions for reproductive rights and women’s health. Mail postcards as you complete them, ideally within 2 weeks; last date to mail postcards for Cortez Masto is June 6 and for Porter May 29.

Activate America Write friendly cards that urge  voters to sign up to vote by mail, and direct them to a website where they can sign up. Voting by mail boosts voter turnout, because it tears down barriers to voting and gives voters more flexibility on when they vote. Voting by mail can prevent missing  an election due to bad weather, sickness or unforeseen circumstances. When voters elect to vote-by-mail, it gives us an extended period to follow up and urge voters to return their ballot. We are currently writing these cards to Wisconsin. Continuous distribution, no hard deadline. Mail postcards as you complete them, within 2-3 weeks

Nationwide: Turn PA Blue offers postcards for voters in Pennsylvania. The voting laws have been changing often and it’s hard for voters to keep track. Now they have to apply for a mail/absentee ballot each year. There is sure to be other changes as Republicans restrict voting. They provide postcards and addresses. You provide the stamps and the volunteer touch! Sign up for the postcard store here.

Nationwide: Vote Forward volunteers send heartfelt handwritten letters to unregistered and low-propensity voters encouraging them to participate in our democracy. The letters have been shown to significantly boost voter turnout.  You will need a printer, #10 envelopes, and first class stamps ($0.58) for this project.

Buy your own supplies:

POSTCARDS: If you are getting your addresses on line, you will need to buy your own supplies. We recommend choosing cards that have the entire back as a blank space to write on. Please support Postcards to Voters by purchasing their high quality postcards here. 50% of the proceeds go to support Postcards to Voters. (Getting addresses lists and distributing them to writers costs money). Or support Artist-Entrepreneurs at Etsy here. Get cards quick from Amazon here.

STAMPS: Don’t want to stand in line at the Post Office? You can buy postcards stamps ($0.40 each) online here and they will be delivered to your home. Cost is increasing to 44 cents July 1st, consider ordering in advance! (They are forever postcard stamps)

Texting Opportunites

                (Updated 9-2022)

What is this document?    

This document presents a matrix chart of active texting organizations with information and important links to help you get started in activist texting for various progressive campaigns (click Here for full document).

What is the purpose and for whom?  

We offer this to people who are new to political texting to help them quickly find texting organizations and campaigns, and get started. We hope this document will also help progressive group leaders to easily find texting options for their members.  

Find the texting organizations and campaigns that are right for you! Whether you are a new texter or an experienced one, this chart contains basic information and important links to help you get started (click Here).

  • Basic information on each texting organization (click Here)
  • Detailed information on each texting organization (click Here)

For New Texters:

We suggest you select a single organization to start with. Then get trained and set up on their tools, and take your new texting skills for a spin! We recommend these texting organizations which are easier for people getting started with texting:

For Experienced Texters and Group Leaders:

  • To send texts with an organization, you can often follow these steps:
  • Sign up for a texting campaign with an organization..  
  • They will often contact you by email, or provide a link to their Slack workspace. 
  • Create or log-in to your Slack account each organization to get information about their campaigns. 
  • There are directions in each organization’s Slack to sign up and learn about their texting platform (such as Spoke, TextOut, ThruText). Then you’re ready to request texts and start texting!

We welcome your feedback as you use this document, so we can continuously improve it for everyone. Please send your comments or suggestions Here

Background:  This document was started and is continuously updated by volunteers in the Indivisible Mass. Coalition Texting Action Team, and other activists. Our goal is to create a shared resource for everyone to easily find information about progressive texting organizations and campaigns in MA  and nationally. We hope to make activist texting easier by providing information and links to assist and inspire progressive texters. We want to build texting capacity by individuals and groups to support democracy in our country.

Canvass NH

Every weekend now until November 8, various towns and times. Organize New Hampshire is organizing out of state volunteers! Use the button to sign up for canvasses in NH to help elect Maggie Hassan, Annie Kuster, Chris Pappas and Democrats down the ballot!

Virtual Canvass training is Sept 21 and Sept 29. This training isn’t required, but it is a bit more thorough than the training provided at the office and many volunteers have said that they found it beneficial to attend both. Folks can sign up for the training here: 

Knock NH

Tuesday September 13, Various times, Nashua, New Hampshire

Join Team Organize NH to help get out the vote on Primary Day in Nashua!

We will be knocking doors to connect directly with voters on the issues that matter most to them and to help them make a plan to vote in the Primary Election! We will start the canvassing shift with our messaging updates and current materials you will need to volunteer.

Let’s Talk About the Senate

Updated 9/4/22 to include Ohio. In general, the media narrative has changed to reflect Democratic momentum.  Biden’s approval rate has increased to 44% after passing the Inflation Reduction Act and Student Loan Forgiveness Plan.  The stripping of women’s bodily autonomy by a rogue SCOTUS has galvanized women to register and get ready to vote in #ROEvember.  Mitch McConnell blamed it on the quality of Trump-promoted candidates.  

What they don’t mention, and I want to acknowledge here, is all the hard work that volunteers have put in this year.  Your voter contact is working and now that more and more people are tuning in, we need to keep up and push through to November 8.

Let’s look at each of TP2B’s states:

AZ-Mark Kelly–  Cook Political rates this race as a “toss-up”  538’s updated poll average showes Kelly ahead by 7 points.  HIs opponent Masters is a former libertarian, who was too much of a disruptor even for Steven Bannon. The GOP has slashed spending in AZ.  Category:  Let’s Bring this Home! 

FL-Val Demings– Cook Political rates this race as “Lean R”  Demings, while ahead in fundraising, she is behind about 6 points in the polls.  Her  opponent, incumbent Marco Rubio, benefits from DeSantis’s radical authoritarianism, attacking LGTBQ, banning books and driving teachers out. Many Floridians are still in the thrall of Trump, who has endorsed Rubio.  Category:  A gambler’s dream.

GA-Raphael Warnock– Cook Political rates this race as a “toss-up” and 538’s updated poll shows Warnock one point ahead.  Trump endorsed Walker is a retired football player who has a lot of personal baggage, trouble speaking cogently, and is avoiding debating Warnock.  A wrinkle:  In GA, you must get a majority and a third candidate may prevent that from happening, causing a run-off in DecemberCategory:  Let’s put the effort in NOW to prevent a runoff!

NC-Cheri Beasley– Cook Political has rated this race as “Lean R”  538’s updated poll average, states that she is tied with Ted Budd, a current GOP US Rep for NC. Beasley, a former state Supreme Court chief justice,  gained some momentum after Budd voted against capping insulin costs.  Category:  A tough race that needs support!

NH-Maggie Hassan– The primary is coming up September 13 and NH is poised to send extremist GOP candidate Don Buldoc to the general election.  This is a tight race that the GOP has really targeted.   538 says that “NH is small and pretty weird and that could help Maggie Hassan”  Cook Political rates this race as “Lean D” 
Category:  Let’s bring this home!

NV-Catherine Cortez Masto– Cook Political has rated this race as a “toss-up”  538’s updated poll average shows Cortez Masto, the nation’s first Latina senator,  slightly ahead of Adam Laxalt. The Hispanic vote is critical for both candidates in this race. Laxalt is using the Trump playbook of election denial and has called ROE “a joke”.  Category:  A close race that needs help!

OH-Tim Ryan-Cook Political has rated this race as “Lean R” This is an open seat in a very red state. But his Republican opponent, JD Vance, is struggling. From the article: “Ryan lambasted Vance for his anti-abortion position—the GOP candidate once compared abortion to slavery and has argued against exceptions for rape and incest—and suggested that those in unhappy or “even violent” marriages should stay in it for the sake of their children.” 538 shows this race as “confused,” meaning that Ryan could have a chance. Category: A gamble, but don’t give up.

PA-John Fetterman-  Cook Political rates this race as “Lean D”  538 has him nine points up in their updated poll average.  The GOP is abandoning NJ resident Mehmet Oz, pulling money out of his race.  Oz has resorted to attacking Fetterman’s healthCategory:  Let’s bring this FLIP home!

WI-Mandela Barnes– Cook Political has rated this race a “toss-up”  The incumbent Republican Ron Johnson is a Trump acolyte – saying that gargling would stop covid, that people can just move out of Wisconsin if they don’t like the abortion bans, and that the attack on the capital wasn’t that bad.  Barnes is polling ahead by 4 points right now.  The GOP has slashed spending in WI, out of concern about Johnson’s extreme unpopularity and chances of re-election. Force Multipler has been raising money for this race, observing that Mandela Barnes is …underfunded because of his August primary.   Category:  Effort here could bring spectacular results!

Let’s Talk About the House

Democrats are defending a slim majority of five seats.  The House is a different animal than the Senate, where the fight is concentrated mostly in the battleground states.  It’s a difficult win because of redistricting, and a tendency for the opposition party to win back seats in the midterms.  Read 538’s “2022 election forecast”  

The Brennan Center for Justice examines the new maps and notes “Under new Congressional maps, both Demo­crats and Repub­lic­ans have viable paths to a House major­ity in coming years.”  Here’s what they conclude about Democrats chances: 

“In sum, the good news for Demo­crats is that they can secure a House major­ity simply by winning the 227 districts in new maps that Biden carried in 2020. And even if they lose some of those districts, they have an altern­at­ive path to a major­ity in the 30 newly configured districts that Trump won by relat­ively narrow margins in that elec­tion, many of which are in suburbs that have been stead­ily trend­ing toward the party. But while Demo­crats poten­tially have more paths to a major­ity, they have little room for error. It would take only a small shift to put many districts that Biden narrowly won out of reach for House Demo­crats. Conversely, because compet­it­ive Trump districts are at the edge of being noncom­pet­it­ive, they would need a much greater shift to put them in play.”

The media is starting to acknowledge a growing Democratic enthusiasm for the midterms.  Although the talking heads are unaware of all our volunteer’s hard work, activist leaders, such as Ezra Levin (Co-Founder of Indivisible) see the energy throughout the nation.  We can’t win if we don’t fight.  And so we fight on! 

Breaking News: Peltola beats Palin, wins Alaska House special election Executive Director of Voters of Tomorrow Santiago Mayer pointed out that the last time a Democrat sat in Alaska’s House seat was the same year the Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade. “If that’s not a…sign,” he tweeted, “I don’t know what is.”

Washington Post:  Democrats see the once unthinkable: A narrow path to keeping the House  

New York Times:  Democrats might get exceptionally lucky this Fall  

New York Times:  Growing Evidence Against a Red Wave

So we resort to reading the tea leaves – What are Voters thinking?

Politico talks about Latino Voters

19th News talks about Women Voters 

The Conversation talks about Younger Voters

Washington Post talks about Young Progressive Voters