Can We Win The Midterms?

I hear from so many people that the democratic party is poor at messaging and that our base is discouraged.  Where are they getting these ideas?   Let’s examine the media narrative for the midterm elections.  A snapshot of X election, X candidate, X poll will determine the entire outcome of the midterm elections.    Biden hasContinue reading “Can We Win The Midterms?”


DONATE TO THESE NATIONAL GUN SAFETY ORGANIZATIONS: Why donate to these organizations? Because THEY ARE OUR ANSWER TO THE NRA!! They are fighting for us and against gun violence. These three national organizations are the major opposition to gun lobbies. Their actions include: gun safety advocacy (including wider background checks); development and implementation of laws,Continue reading “GUN SAFETY ACTIONS YOU CAN TAKE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE”

Give No Ground

Update: June 12, 2022 Yes, Give No Ground is still going strong! Here’s the latest Politico article. Indivisible has been busy supporting local groups fight GOP extremism. Our donations strategically support our sister chapters to defend important seats. Plus Indivisible is organizing phone banks! Update: January 19, 2022: Sen. Mark Kelly- AZ has been addedContinue reading “Give No Ground”

Contest Every Race

We recruit Democrats to run for office where it matters! For too long, Republicans have been the only ones competing in local races. In states like Oklahoma, Democrats don’t run in up to 75% of local elections! Contest Every Race is working to end GOP dominance in rural America by making sure that no RepublicanContinue reading “Contest Every Race”