The leadership team at Indivisible Acton Area has curated this list of grassroots groups. These groups have been chosen because they have been recommended by a trusted partner, such as Sister District, or we have vetted them personally. There are several good reasons to support these groups:

Early Money: Early money in a political race is four times more effective than money given in the last two months of the race. But IAA does not endorse out of state candidates before they win their primaries. The best way to support a democratic win early in the election cycle is through a grassroots group.

Education and Persuasion of Voters: Voters who would be democratic voters are are often uniformed about primaries and midterm elections. They also may not see the explicit connection between voting and the policies that affect their daily lives. Unsurprisingly, they respond better to their trusted peers. The best way to empower and turn out intermittent voters is through a grassroots group.

Equity: We want to support the involvement of young people and people of color in government and “politics.” Their voice is needed as candidates, policy makers, lobbyists, and voters. But these same people may not have the means to be a volunteer. The best way to promote equity in our government is to support grassroots groups so that they can pay staff and organizers.