3/14/22 UPDATE – Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak formally filed for re-election last week. This race is rated tossup by 2 of the 3 dominant prediction groups. Democratic incumbent US Senator Catherine Cortez Masto is in a tossup race with Republican challengers. Both of these seats went Democratic in 2018, breaking a nearly two-decade grip byContinue reading

5/23/22 UPDATE: Primary Winners are Josh Shapiro for Governor and John Fetterman for Senate. The Governor’s race is crucial to keep radical Republicans from overturning election results in this important swing state. The Republican nominee has pledged to overturn the election if needed, to get Republicans back in power. (See Washington Post, After the PennsylvaniaContinue reading

5/23/22 UPDATE: Cheri Beasley has overwelmingly won her Democratic primary for US Senate! She is a strong candidate to flip the seat (Republican Incumbent is retiring). She is a former Chief Justice of the NC Supreme court, and is an experienced, well known candidate. For the US House, State Senator Don Davis handily won hisContinue reading

3/12/22 Update: Litigation over the Republican gerrymandering of congressional maps continues with even Republicans unable to agree. See the latest here. June 13th is the deadline- because filing for the congressional races will start then! You can find all the proposed maps here. 10/19/21 Florida is an opportunity to flip a Senate Seat.  Democratic RepContinue reading

3/22/22 UPDATE – GOOD NEWS!!  New Hampshire’s Republican governor Chris Sununu unexpectedly promised to veto the Republican legislature’s redrawn congressional map: “It doesn’t really pass the smell test,” he said.  The Republicans had redrawn maps to advantage their party so that one of the two NH districts could not fail to go Republican. This planContinue reading

3/22/22 – Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) is running! Democrats enthusiastic, Republicans worried, about Johnson’s decision to run for re-election. Johnson has been an often unpopular, polarizing figure known for his Covid disinformation (mouthwash kills the virus), conspiracy theories, promoting the audit of the 2020 election, and support of the Jan 6 insurrection. He also hasContinue reading