11/22/22 UPDATE: Katie Hobbs defeated Kari Lake to become Arizona’s Governor-Elect. As Arizona’s secretary of state, Hobbs upheld 2020 election results while Trump-backed Lake went all in on the Big Lie. 11/14/22 UPDATE: AZ – Good news in Arizona with Mark Kelly’s senate victory and a big win for democracy with Adrian Fontes slated toContinue reading

11/14/22 UPDATE: Beasley made a very good showing, but couldn’t quite overcome Budd to flip the senate seat in North Carolina.  This state does continue to have potential for Democrats, and our investments may well pay off in future elections. 5/23/22 UPDATE: Cheri Beasley has overwelmingly won her Democratic primary for US Senate! She isContinue reading

11/21/22 UPDATE – In the 2022 midterms, NH trended to the left. Congressional incumbents Senator Maggie Hassan, running against Trump-favorite and election denier Donald Bolduc, and House Representatives Ann Kuster and Chris Pappas, easily beat their challengers. All three had been considered “endangered” Democrats – anyone see a pattern? And control of the NH StateContinue reading

11/14/22 Update: A Democratic trifecta in Michigan plus a big win for abortion rights!  A  decisive win for Gretchen Whitmer and claiming majorities in the MI state senate and state house, gives us a resounding win in this state which is home to troubling far left extremist factions.  These are wins to celebrate for sure.Continue reading

11/21/22 UPDATE: There’s gold in the Silver State – two big gains for democracy! Our first and only Latina Senator, Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto, beat election denier Adam Laxalt and gained her second term in Congress. We grassroots activists worked very hard for Cortez Masto, so her victory is especially sweet! And new Secretary ofContinue reading

May 17, 2023 Update: Heather Boyd won the special election yesterday, leaving Dems with a narrow majority in the PA State House. This is a win for abortion rights, mitigating gun violence, and election law legislation. 4/27/23 update: There are two special elections May 16, 2023. Democrats must win one to maintain their majority inContinue reading

Update 4/19/23 The 2023 Virginia general election is critical; we must flip the House and expand the Senate majority to pass legislation on education, voting rights, and gun control and fight back against attacks on access to abortion and LGBTQ+ rights. Democrats lost the House majority in 2021 by only 733 votes, and the Senate majorityContinue reading