Will the decimation of Women’s Rights finally wake up Americans?

Christine Brown, May 5, 2022 (updated May 17)

Steven Cobert takes down the radical Scotus

Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor would reportedly write in his diary, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”


All your family and friends “who don’t do politics”
All your family and friends “who think Democrats and Republicans are the same”
All your family and friends “who don’t have time to pay attention and/or vote”
All your family and friends “who think their vote doesn’t matter”
All your family and friends “who spend hours battling on social media” (but don’t do anything else)
All your family and friends “who think someone else will do something”

I get it, I really do.  We have to get the kids to school, the laundry done, and earn a paycheck to pay for housing and food. Sometimes we want to do zumba and garden and forget for just a moment the dire circumstances we face in our country.  I personally am in this fight for my children and future grandchildren.

How Americans Really Feel about Abortion, Forbes 5/3/22  There is broad concensus about the right to abortion.

The bottom-line is that there is a minority war on the majority and SCOTUS  just dropped a bomb.  And like Pearl Harbor, I fervently hope that it will awaken Americans out of their complacency.  Read How Americans Really Feel about Abortion and you will see that it has broad support.  Unfortunately the media’s both-sides reporting amplifies minority viewpoints so that they feel equally as strong- it’s a problem in all reporting from Climate Change to Healthcare and more.

The radical decision to eliminate a constitutional right enshrined for nearly 50 years is just the beginning.  You know what other rights are based on the same legal reasoning?  Marriage Equality.  Homosexual Sex. Contraceptive Access.  Interracial Marriage.  The SCOTUS assurances that these rights won’t be affected are the exact same lies that these judges told about their belief in ROE’s precedent.

Robert Hubbell The Hard Road Forward, May 4, 2022

Robert Hubbell states that “The opinion is grotesquely disingenuous, pretending that the Court is merely “correcting” a wrongly decided case. Not so. The Court knows its ruling will result in the immediate revocation of an existing constitutional right in more than two dozen states.  Moreover, Alito’s logic is perverse and cruel. He claims that an implied right cannot exist unless it is “deeply rooted in the nation’s history and tradition,” but he ignores the fact that for the first 129 years of our nation’s history, women were denied the right to vote—and thus denied any realistic opportunity to create a “deeply rooted tradition” permitting contraception and abortion. Under Alito’s backward logic, a right plainly implied in the Constitution cannot exist because white male legislators successfully suppressed that right for more than a century.”

I highly recommend Robert Hubbell’s free newsletter, please read this one in its entirety.  He ends the Hard Road Forward with:

“The only path forward is the hard path—it is the one that the Constitution grants us: the ballot box. Even as the Court turns its back on the Constitution, we must embrace it ever more fiercely. The Constitution will endure, and its faithful servants will prevail.”  

Heather Cox Richardson, Letters from an American, May 3, 2022

In her May 3rd newsletter, Heather Cox Richardson continues to bring an important historical context to our struggle to maintain our civil rights.  No one really cared about abortion until Reagan needed votes from the evangelicals to win. Her source notes at the end of her letters are a good way to get free content.  Her free newsletter is an important source of knowledge, which gives us strength to fight.

We CANNOT cede the Midterms.  We need to work as hard as we did for Biden to:

  1. Protect and Expand our Senate majority.  
  2. Protect and Expand our House majority.

Both are razor thin. It is tradition that the opposition party’s base is more energized to turn out in the midterms.  But we are entering a new era where historical norms are trampled.  

We can’t wait for someone else to do it.

The time is now.  DONATE. PHONE. TEXT. WRITE.  A great place to start is the states who have their primaries this month.

Most importantly: talk to the people you know.  There are people who seriously don’t know what is happening. They think they are protecting themselves by not getting involved, but the opposite is true.