Keep that Laser Focus

Two weeks to go until the final voting day, November 8.  The media is busy whipping us into a frenzy, chasing ratings, and spinning polls.

Take a breath.  Remember:

  1.  We have been laying the groundwork for the entire year.  More Women than ever are registered to vote.  More young people have registered to vote since the last election.  The last two weeks are for Get Out the Vote.  Focus on that.  Text, Canvas, Phonebank.  Get Out the Vote.
  1. Ignore Polls.  We know from 2016 how unreliable they are.  It depends on who is doing the poll, and how they write the questions.  It depends on who answers the phone.  Robert Hubbell says “I hope we are not naive enough to believe that polling results are free of political spin. For reasons that deserve scrutiny in the future, most media outlets in America are controlled by conservative interests promoting the partisan agenda of the MAGA-GOP. For the moment, we must accept the abuse of the American airwaves by dark money and overcome it by exercising the foundational right in the Constitution—the right to choose our representatives by voting. If we do that in sufficient numbers, we will prevail.”
  1.  The GOP continues to flood the zone with excrement.  Each “policy” proposal is more outrageous and disgusting.  National Don’t say Gay Bill.  Sunset Medicare at age 90.  Sunset Social Security and postpone it until age 70.  End the aid to Ukraine.  They are trying to incite panic, demoralize us, and destroy our focus.  All these races are close.  This is not new. We must GET OUT THE VOTE.
  1.  Notice the media is not talking about Abortion anymore?  They think women will not remember.  Guess what?  We do not forget what we are reminded of every month.  And every woman has felt the panic of being late in their lives.  Even women past childbearing years remember this viscerally.  Every woman also understands what is at stake, and that is their basic healthcare.  From acute period pain to miscarriage, from contraceptives to healthy pregnanices, from ectopic pregnancy threats  to InVitro Fertilization, women need to be free to manage their own bodies on the advice of their doctor.  

In Conclusion

Here’s more from trusted sources:

Leah Greenberg, Co-founder of Indivisible “We are in the Margin of Effort when polls are close.  Focus on what we can control- every voter makes a difference…Right now, no one knows what the composition of the election will be:  how many young people, how many women, or how many activated MAGA.”

Rachel Maddow, After describing how all the polls were within the Margin of Error “Here’s what all these very close polls are telling you: Whomever you want to win … they need your help. Volunteer … today.”

Here’s a voice I don’t usually quote, Michael Moore from his Oct 23rd column.  After he calls into question the motives of the media (and reminds us that he predicted Trump’s win), he continues:

Let’s go over the one main fact that should guarantee the winning of ANY election:

There are more of us than there are of them! By the MILLIONS!

  • Democrats have won the popular vote in 7 of the last 8 presidential elections. 
  • Amongst 33 states and territories who let you affiliate with a party when you register to vote, there are currently 48 million registered Democrats vs. 36.4 million registered Republicans. 
  • There are also 35.3 million registered independents. And a recent WSJ poll has Democrats with a 38%-35% edge over Republicans among independents.
  • The vast majority of Americans agree with us on ALL the major issues —
    • legal abortion (62%), 
    • climate crisis (75%), 
    • minimum wage (62%), 
    • paid family leave (70%), 
    • legal marijuana (91%), 
    • unions (71%), 
    • Medicare for all (69%), 
    • Equal Rights Amendment for women (78%), 
    • free pre-K+ (71%), 
    • LGBTQ+ rights (71%), 
    • more gun control (70%)

The people are already with us — by a wide margin. So how can we lose?

By failing to get out the vote — a vote that is ours if we want it.

Are we going to let that happen? We can’t just talk about it. We have to DO IT. 

What did each of you do this weekend to guarantee a victorious turnout on November 8th (and to get people out now in the states where early voting is taking place)?

So keep that laser focus.  Get Out the Vote. Do a Daily Action.  Vote and encourage others to vote in Massachusetts (Yes on Four!).  Volunteer for ballot curing after Nov 8.  

They want us to give up.  WE WILL PERSIST.