Grassroots Champions Don’t Have Off Years

Grassroots groups are still working, even now that the midterm election is over. These dedicated organizers work on the ground and don’t have off years. They build trust and serve their communities every day.

Arizona: Northeast Arizona Native Dems

Matriarch volunteers utilize all relational organizing tools and strategies customized for their Native communities. Volunteers receive training to register new voters, educate current voters, and get voters to the polls. We wrote postcards to tribal lands with this group, now let’s follow through with support as they canvass and call to get out the vote.

Pennsylvania: POWER

A grassroots organization of over 50 Pennsylvania congregations committed to racial and economic justice on a livable planet. Along with other initiatives, they are hosting the “Freedom Express” bus tour across the State of Pennsylvania. This tour is about Restoring Faith in Democracy, helping people imagine a Pennsylvania where all thrive, and calling out the bad actors financing oppression by supporting White Christian Nationalist causes.

Wisconsin: Souls to the Polls, Milwaukee

Souls to the Polls knows a strong voting bloc is key to pressing state and local leaders on issues such as affordable housing, education, economic development, gun violence, and governmental transparency. Together, they are building a bloc of engaged community members in a mission to channel their faith and bring 100,000 Souls to the Polls.