May 17, 2023 Update: Heather Boyd won the special election yesterday, leaving Dems with a narrow majority in the PA State House. This is a win for abortion rights, mitigating gun violence, and election law legislation.

4/27/23 update: There are two special elections May 16, 2023. Democrats must win one to maintain their majority in the state house of representatives. Republicans must win both to flip control.

2/21/23 update – Flash news from Special Election 2023 –  Good news! Immediately after flipping the PA House after the midterms, the situation was clouded by the unexpected vacancies of three Democratic House seats. These vacancies cost PA Democrats their newly-won majority. A special election was called for 2/7/23 to fill the three vacant seats. Fortunately, the election results were good and all three seats went to the Democrats. The new Democratic majority marks their first House majority in a dozen years and promises sweeping changes in PA.

11/21/22 UPDATE – Flash news from Election 2022 — PA is now a blue state! Numerous high-profile races all broke in favor of Democrats as PA voters resoundingly rejected Republican extremism. In the most expensive Senate race in the country, John Fetterman defeated Mehmet Oz, a Trump nominee. In addition, Matt Cartwright, Susan Wild, and Chris DeLuzio defended their hotly contested seats. For governor, John Shapiro handily defeated uber-extremist Doug Mastriano, one of Trump’s top picks. Shapiro’s win is a Democratic two-fer since in PA, the governor also appoints the Secretary of the Commonwealth. And finally, the radically conservative PA legislature flipped for the Democrats. We worked hard for PA, and victory is sweet!