Text with Movement Labs

6/9/23 I attended a presentation by Focus 4 Democracy, who funded many texting programs through Movement Labs. Although we participated on the other end (volunteers sending the texts) it was very encouraging to hear the in-depth statistical analysis proving that these programs were not only cost effective, they yeilded a higher turnout in all the key states.

Movement Labs uses the program SPOKE to text for all kinds of democratic organizations. It could be texting people to ask them to Run for Something, or join an event, or vote in an election. The campaigns vary throughout the week. You can see what is available and choose what you are interested in. This is a great way to make a difference if you have only small blocks of time!

If you trained with me last year, just go onto your Movement Labs SLACK to see what’s new! There is continuous support if you have a question. Need a refresher or training? Email Christine@IndivisibleActon.org

You can also use the web portal to get training directly from Movement Labs, see the upcoming list of campaigns, and TEXT!