Doing the Work 

Last week, I was explaining to a family member that I was going to Indigenous Lobby Day.  They weren’t impressed, and it got me thinking about why it is important to support the members of our broad Democratic coalition.

This is the hard work in between glitzy yes/no elections. A common and recurring complaint about the Democratic party is that we expect everyone to show up at election time.  But where are we in between?

Are you LGTBQ?  Indigenous?  AAPI?  Black?  Latino? Undocumented? Unhoused?  Desperate for Childcare?  Sinking under Student Loans? Worried about your Bodily Autonomy?  Unhealthy and underinsured? Living Paycheck to Paycheck? Concerned about Nukes?  Thinking daily about Climate Change and how it affects your family?

It doesn’t matter-we’re all in this together!  YOU NEED TO SHOW UP NOW.

A broad coalition beat back facism in 2020. Like a garden with many different plants, insects, birds and mammals, coalitions need tending.  Coalitions are based on shared interests but also a lot of compromises.  We have to be there to advocate for each other.

How can your treasure and time nurture our coalition? 

Donate directly to grassroot groups doing the work.  Don’t wait, they need early money now!

Call, Write, and Show Up.  Repeat. 

We have tons of fun meeting up at lobby days, hearings and rallies – but calls and letters are important too.  Try a snail mail letter or postcard for fun!  Ask them to call you back!