Purple NC:  The Synergy between GenZ and Rural Voters

North Carolina, with its 15 electoral votes, continues to be a key state in Federal elections.  It’s actually the second most rural state (after Texas); all but 20 counties have less than 50% municipal residents.  One in three people live in a rural county.

I highly encourage you to watch this 18 minute interview of Anderson Clayton, age 25, the youngest elected leader in the history of the North Carolina Democratic Party. She is a strong and vocal advocate for rural communities like the one she grew up in, which she believes have often been forgotten by her party.  (While you are there, be sure to “like” the video to help spread the message.)

GenZ has stepped up in a big way in North Carolina.  These young leaders will be important surrogates for President Biden’s reelection campaign.  They are doing the hard work on the ground right now – fine tuning and spreading the Democratic message, registering voters, and electing Democrats up and down the ballot.  County parties are very important in NC and can use our donations now to win very important county and municipal races. This will help develop a deep bench for statewide races in 2024 as well. 

Donate now to help protect abortion, education, healthcare and LGTBQ rights in NC (and lay important groundwork for 2024.)

Another great group in North Carolina is Down Home Carolina.  We have spotlighted this group for two years now because of its goal to build multiracial power in the small towns and rural places in North Carolina. The narrative that progressive policy has no place in the rural South is wrong — that’s why they work to dismantle the narrative and the power structure that doesn’t work for poor and working-class people.