Donate to Raphael Warnock

It’s all-hands-on-deck for Warnock’s Dec. 6 runoff election. Having 51 senate seats would mean Dems don’t have to share equal power with the GOP on committees, Dems could make confirmations with a simple majority, and could enjoy the added bonus of being less dependent on Manchin and Sinema. We need this seat!

Find Secretary of State Races

Secretaries of State – are we about to put foxes in charge of the hen house? Secretaries of State, an overlooked position in past years, have emerged as front line players in the battle for election control. These are the top state officials responsible for overseeing elections. It is downright scary that there are 12Continue reading “Find Secretary of State Races”

Twelve House Representatives to Support

Image from Politico Updated 10/26/22 by Barbara Head “If these poll results keep up, Expect Anything on Election Night,” says Nate Cohn.  After a summer of Democratic gains, the races for the House have been tightening with virtually all polls within the margin of error.  This means that everything hinges on turnout.  No one canContinue reading Twelve House Representatives to Support