11/14/22 UPDATE: Beasley made a very good showing, but couldn’t quite overcome Budd to flip the senate seat in North Carolina.  This state does continue to have potential for Democrats, and our investments may well pay off in future elections.

5/23/22 UPDATE: Cheri Beasley has overwelmingly won her Democratic primary for US Senate! She is a strong candidate to flip the seat (Republican Incumbent is retiring). She is a former Chief Justice of the NC Supreme court, and is an experienced, well known candidate. For the US House, State Senator Don Davis handily won his primary for NC-01. He is also an experienced candidate, having served in the State Senate for 6 terms. State Senator Jeff Jackson was the winner in the newly created NC-14 district. He is a young veteran and former assisant district attorney. He also currently serves in the National Guard. This district leans Democratic, so this is a good one to get over the finish line to keep our US House majority. These three candidates will help us keep our razor thin majorities in the US Senate and House.

3/7/22 UPDATE – GREAT NEWS!! Last week, we reported (in What’s Happening in North Carolina) that the Republican-led legislature appealed to the US Supreme Court for relief of what they claimed was overreach by the state courts. This appeal to the US Supreme Court was a last-ditch effort by the NC legislature to reinstate their gerrymandered maps, which had been rejected by the state Supreme Court. Well, great news – just a few minutes ago, the US Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal, making the fair Congressional map final! So the redistricting case ends here, and equity and constitutionality won out for North Carolina.

10/19/21 – North Carolina’s Republican Senator, Richard Burr, is retiring and the Republican primary field is large and contentious, giving Democrats a possible opening.  As for the House, NC gained a seat in reapportionment, and the Republican state legislature is in control of the mapmaking.  The court forced the maps to be redrawn more fairly for the 2020 elections, so there is a possibility that the maps might not change drastically. More likely is that the Republicans try to push 2-3 more seats into their column. The Democratic governor is not up for re-election.