11/21/22 UPDATE – All eyes again are on the GA Senate race! In the 2022 midterm election, neither incumbent Rafael Warnock (with a 1-point lead) nor Trump-backed Herschel Walker gained a majority of 0.50. The lack of a majority win triggers a runoff election in GA (12/6/22), and whoever gets the better turnout will likely win. Stacy Abrams and Bee Nguyen were unable to upset Republican incumbent for Governor and Secretary of State, so for now, we must pin our hopes on Warnock. Stay posted for further updates, and do what you can to help Warnock win!

11/14/22 Update: It’s official, Warnock and Walker advanced to a December 6 runoff election. This seat would take Democrats from the current shared power arrangement to actual control of the senate. Let’s make this happen!

11/9/22 Update: Warnock is one point ahead of Walker, but it seems like he will be unable to break the 50% barrier (he has 49.42%) So onward to the Run-off election Dec 6, 2022.

5/30/22 Update: All eyes are on Stacey Abrams in the gubernatorial race and Raphael Warnock in the senatorial race. Both of these crucial races in this must-win state are rated as toss-ups, so every donation and volunteer effort makes a difference. Progressive Lucy McBath easily unseated centrist Carolyn Bourdeaux in the GA 07 primary on May 24, receiving about twice as many votes. GA 07 is considered a solidly Democratic district.

3/12/22 Update: In the new redistricting maps (still being litigated), Republicans have redistricted Lucy McBath out of her seat in the 6th, forcing her to run against centrist Democrat Carolyn Bourdeaux. Bourdeaux was part of a small group of Democrats refusing to pass Build Back Better simultaneousely with the “bipartisan” infrastructure bill. The primary is scheduled for May 24th. The new 6th District will be R+24 so Republicans effectively stole a house seat. We’ll see how the litigation plays out.

11/2/21 Senator Raphael Warnock is running for a full six year term.  We must hold this Senate Seat!  In addition, Georgia is a key state in the fight for the house.  Their Republican state legislature is in charge of redistricting.  They will likely redraw either the 6th District (currently represented by Democrat Lucy McBath) or the 7th (held by Democrat Carolyn Bourdeaux) to be firmly Democratic and the other district to either be more competitive or even Republican-leaning. That would give Republicans a potential net of at least one seat, in an environment in which every seat matters. Governor Kemp is also running for reelection, Trump is threatening to primary him.  Stay tuned.