You Acted, Voters Responded

Updated December 4, 2022 – Look what you have achieved through all your hard work! Despite all the negative press about a red wave and polls “proving” how Democrats were going to do poorly in the midterms, we forged ahead strongly. (Never trust polls!) It is important to note that most of these races were Toss-Ups, which is exactly where we can help the most and turn the tide in our direction. Grassroots efforts really work!

We volunteers worked very hard in several states – especially in PA, NH, NV, AZ, and WI – and were rewarded by crucial wins in all of these states! We were able to hold on to the Senate through our collective efforts, and we may be able to achieve a Senate majority (stay tuned for the GA runoff on December 6). And instead of a Republican blow-out of dozens of seats, we trail closely in the House, making the Democrats a force to be reckoned with in that chamber.

Two of the most important races in the country were in PA, where we won the key Senate (Fetterman) and Governor’s (Shapiro) races. We also kept the NH Congressional representation blue (Hassan, Senate; and Pappas and Kuster, House). Think of all the postcards, phone calls, and texts we made to keep Mark Kelly (AZ) and Catherine Cortez Masto (NV) in the Senate, and both won. There was also a down ballot effect in those states in that Katie Hobbs was elected AZ governor and Democratic secretaries of state were elected in both AZ and NV. We also kept Governor Tony Evers (WI) in office, one of the most important races nationally. Check out our feature, Notable Wins, for a full list of our victories. And celebrate!

So we have lots to feel good about this election. Pat yourselves on the back (or open that bottle of champagne). You deserve it for all your hard work!