IndivisibleLAB Action Hour

Wednesday, March 15, 10:30-11:30 in person at Via Lago, 1845 Mass Ave, Lexington Join us for our next Action Hour where we will distribute postcard packets, discuss current events, and write to our legislators. In collaboration with Swing Blue Alliance, we will be writing to increase turnout in the April 4 WI judicial election, whereContinue reading “IndivisibleLAB Action Hour”

Write WI

Join Activate America to write for the Wisconsin State Supreme Court Election on April 4th. We’re offering this campaign in addition to the Swing Blue Alliance Campaign. They’re both good -they target different voters. Activate America is writing to Democratic and Democratic leaning voters who are pro choice to promote participation in the election. RecentContinue reading “Write WI”

Thursday, March 9 at 5 pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern  Focus for Democracy will hold their third and last briefing on the upcoming Wisconsin Supreme Court election, this time supporting top-tier organizations turning out the vote in Wisconsin. This election will decide whether the court is controlled by the same extremist faction that came within one voteContinue reading

Phone WI with Field Team 6

Fridays, 1-3 PM EST Join Field Team 6 to register Democrats in Wisconsin. Remember Red states aggressively purge their voter rolls- some people may think they are registered but they have been struck off the rolls. Wisconsin is currently enduring a near-total abortion ban passed in 1849. Its Republican gerrymandering may be the worst inContinue reading “Phone WI with Field Team 6”

Phone-WI with the Mass Dems

Every other Sunday, 4-6 PM Join the Massachusetts Democratic Organizing Hub to help Democratic campaigns win by phone banking in Massachusetts and battleground states! New volunteers are welcome and training is provided! Zoom link emailed after RSVP. Hosted by the Campaign Services Committee of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, and open to people anywhere who wantContinue reading “Phone-WI with the Mass Dems”

Phone: Recruit Poll Observers for WI

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (Times are Central) Help protect the vote in Wisconsin by recruiting poll observers for our April election! Poll observers are our eyes and ears at polling locations, and we need your help to recruit them so that voters can safely and easily cast their ballots this spring. All youContinue reading “Phone: Recruit Poll Observers for WI”

Donate-Indivisible for Wisconsin

The upcoming Wisconsin Supreme Court election has been described as “the most important election in America in 2023,” and the race that will “likely have a larger effect on the 2024 presidential race than any other contest” this year. In the coming years, the Wisconsin Supreme Court will determine the fate of abortion rights in the stateContinue reading “Donate-Indivisible for Wisconsin”

Call WI: State Supreme Court

Mondays, 6-7 PM Join Swing Blue Alliance to call voters to help flip the WI Supreme Court and create a 4-3 Democratic majority. There is a primary February 21 and general election April 4. This is the single most important election for democracy in America in 2023. A Democratic WI Supreme Court could roll backContinue reading “Call WI: State Supreme Court”