Swing Blue Alliance 2023 Postcard Recap

Tuesday, November 28, 7-8:00 PM by zoom. TurnPurple2Blue participated in many of these campaigns! SBA is notable for their deep dives into the effectiveness of their campaigns – looking forward to this one! For an “off off” year, 2023 was pretty jam packed! SBA postcard hosts participated in 8 critical campaigns – four VA legislativeContinue reading “Swing Blue Alliance 2023 Postcard Recap”

Our 2023 Electoral Efforts Build a Strong Foundation for 2024

Following the November 7 elections in Ohio, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, hope shines through the clouds of global violence and political turmoil. These 2023 elections mark a significant triumph for Democrats, offering a guiding light amidst the uncertainties of the current political landscape. Let’s delve into the implications of these victories and how they may shapeContinue reading “Our 2023 Electoral Efforts Build a Strong Foundation for 2024”

Your Efforts Worked- Victory in Ohio!!!

Last night, Ohio voters soundly rejected Issue 1. This mean-spirited Republican initiative would have toughened the rules for amending the state constitution, making constitutional amendments more difficult to pass. The Republicans’ immediate goal was to defeat a proposition on the docket for this November, which would enshrine abortion rights into the Ohio constitution. Instead, theContinue reading “Your Efforts Worked- Victory in Ohio!!!”