Force Multiplier: US House Challengers

There was a good discussion at the June 26, 2022 Statewide Indivisi-gather about short term vs. long term strategy. At Turn Purple 2 Blue, we have pivoted to a short term strategy for states that give us the most return for our investment in 2022 Federal and Statewide races. But we can’t abandon Michigan, NewContinue reading “Force Multiplier: US House Challengers”

Sisters United Alliance of TX

The IMC Feminist Action TeamThe Indivisible Mass Coalition Coordinating Board hosted the most compelling presentation I have seen for awhile. And I have seen many this spring! The presentation starts at 4 min. Please watch and donate what you can. Did you know that Beto only lost by 215k votes last time? Did you knowContinue reading “Sisters United Alliance of TX”


As we have dreaded for months, the radicals on the Supreme Court destroyed 50 years of precedent and for the first time, eliminated a civil right, effectively making 130 million women in red states second class citizens. They have signaled their desire to go further too: Contraceptives, Marriage Equality and Intimate relationships between two consentingContinue reading “ABORTION RIGHTS ACTIONS YOU CAN TAKE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE”

Can We Win The Midterms?

I hear from so many people that the democratic party is poor at messaging and that our base is discouraged.  Where are they getting these ideas?   Let’s examine the media narrative for the midterm elections.  A snapshot of X election, X candidate, X poll will determine the entire outcome of the midterm elections.    Biden hasContinue reading “Can We Win The Midterms?”