Phone to Get Out the Vote for Dec 6

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays. It’s GOTV time—again! Georgia’s Senate race is going to a runoff and Runoff Election Day is December 6th. That’s not a lot of time for us to call Georgians to make sure they know there’s a runoff and how to cast their vote in this crucial election.  Join Fair Fight forContinue reading “Phone to Get Out the Vote for Dec 6”

Working Families Party

It could all come down to Georgia again. Just like in 2021, control of the U.S. Senate could hinge on whether we can turn out our voters in a runoff election here in the Peach State. Last time around, Working Families Party organizers and volunteers ramped up after Election Day 2020 to help reach almost twoContinue reading “Working Families Party”

NV: Help turn rejected Democratic ballots into votes

Nevada has already rejected thousands of ballots that need to be cured, so that these critical votes count. We will be calling voters who have voted Democrat, and advise them of the issue with their ballot, and walk them through how they can cure their ballots. Please join us for these pivotal calls, on Sundays,Continue reading “NV: Help turn rejected Democratic ballots into votes”